Dr Lumumba has heavy responsibilities at KACC


For the first in the history of Kenya, a plum and sensitive government appointment has been given to a professional without political leanings. This is a reflection that we are moving towards nurturing meritocracy in our Country’s civil service.

Dr PLO Lumumba, Prof Jane Onsongo and lawyer Pravin Bowry were approved by our legislators without any political or ethnic considerations to head the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission.

Dr Lumumba is an inspiration and a motivator to many Kenyans. He has exhibited exemplary qualities in the reform platform. He has persistently challenged the status quo, terming it a recipe for the country’s stagnation on democracy, political, social and economic development.

His intellectual stimulation to those inside and outside the academia has motivated many Kenyans to strive and climb the academic ladder. From PLO the great orator to a chief anti-corruption tsar is not only a milestone to the Dr’s family but for all Kenyans.

He is known to be brilliant, knowledgeable and a forward thinker. Heading an organisation charged with the responsibility of fighting corruption in the country is a tall order for the charismatic and eloquent lawyer. He has no political baggage and Kenyans expects him to operate independently with a paradigm shift from his predecessor, Justice Aaron Ringera.

Being young, energetic and creative, the new KACC director should fight the vice of corruption with zeal and determination. He knows that corruption is the genesis of the myriad problems that have bedeviled our country since independence.

The new KACC boss developed the vision, sold the vision to Kenyans, found his way and now he stands to be counted rather than saying “I wish it was done this way and that way”. The yoke is on his shoulders to translate his eloquence and ideas into practice. He needs to convince Kenyans and the world through service delivery because saying is one and dong is another.

There are high expectations from Kenyans for the new KACC boss. He needs to fold his sleeves to help the nation on the war against corruption. There is a general belief that new brooms sweep clean and although they don’t sweep all corners, a clean house is what Kenyans expects from Dr Lumumba.

May the new KACC team under Dr Lumumba make integrity, honest, and values their operational etiquette in anti-corruption watchdog body. Their appointment was done transparently, through vetting and finally approved by our law makers who represent millions of Kenyans.

We urge the new team to lay a firm foundation centred on professionalism, transparency and accountability so that those who will take over from them will perpetuate the same ideals in KACC.

(Joseph Lister Nyaringo is in New Jersey, USA)

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