Crack whip on errant motorists – Kibaki


I am pleased to share this message of greetings and goodwill to Christians in the country, and around the world, as they gather to celebrate the Easter holiday.

During this joyful occasion, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of redemption and eternal life, which arise from the power of the resurrection.

The resurrection of Jesus was the consummation of God’s plan of deliverance for humanity from the bondage of sin. As we celebrate Easter, therefore, I urge all Kenyans to embrace the gift of deliverance by going before God in repentance. Let us all accept that there are times when we have gone wrong and seek forgiveness.

As we go before God, let us give thanks for the many blessings He has bestowed on us. Let us acknowledge that our achievements as a nation have been possible not because of our own efforts and wisdom but because of God’s sovereign grace. Indeed, we need to be thankful to God individually and collectively as a nation as we appreciate that without His Mercy we would not share in His bounty of blessings nor manage to surmount the challenges that come our way.

That Christ loved us so much that He gave His only Son for the atonement of our sins should make us celebrate His great sacrifice and love to us. We, as Christians need to learn from this sacrificial giving and demonstrate the same to the less fortunate members of our society.

As we mark Easter, I am concerned over the growing number of motor vehicle accidents and loss of many lives. Many of the accidents are taking place on roads that have been improved recently mainly due to careless driving. I direct the police to take firm action against motorists who violate traffic regulations. I also call on drivers to exercise caution and avoid over-speeding.

As we congregate in various places of worship this Easter weekend, I appeal to Christians to conduct special prayers for our country. Let us all sanctify ourselves and pray for God’s help in ensuring the safety of our people and country.

I wish you all a joyful and happy Easter holiday.

Kibaki is the President of the Republic of Kenya.

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  1. I’m totally disgrantled,field with fear and worry for the merciless Kenyans who are left unheard to the extent  they are abused mentally,physically by the so called law enforcers.I watched with disbilief and dismayed about these young man who was brutally attacked by police officers, sorry, call them hooligans or use any other word you may like to describe their inhuman approach.
      I believe in the rule of law.The corridors of justice are open to everyone who seeks a reprieve.It’s very clear that there’s no body who’s above the law. To my understanding,that means that law is applicable to everyone without any favour.My question is,what is the kenya human rights watchdog doing in response to these heinous act


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