Counties must be positioned to attract investment


The New Constitution has greatly changed the administration of the country. The idea of county governments will indeed revolutionise the management of county resources as well as infrastructure development. However, despite the excitement that the devolved governments have generated among the general populace, it is prudent to understand that competition for investment among the counties will be high.

The West Pokot County for instance, unknown to many people is a small heaven of wonders. It is home to Nasolot Game Reserve which has the biggest elephants in the world; certainly this should give every Kenyan and visitor a reason to visit West Pokot. It has breathtaking scenery with a rocky outcrop at the periphery of the Nasolot Hills. Aside from the marvellous scenery, it is rich in culture, clearly defined by the locals’ mode of dressing and lovely adornments of ornament made out of beads and beautiful belts made from hide.

West Pokot is also home to the Turkwel Gorge Hydroelectric Dam which feeds 106 MW to the national grid. In addition to this, there are numerous mineral deposits such as Limestone, Gold, Ruby and other precious stones. South Pokot on the other hand produces one of the highest quality pyrethrum in Kenya.

But little is known of these treasures apart by a few people. Many of the locals themselves may not actually know that they have all these treasures. These resources if properly tapped can provide opportunities for businesses with very high returns. The media needs to take lead in informing the public about the treasures that lie in various Counties as a way of promoting them to attract investors and tourists.

The newly elected leadership in the counties need to position their counties effectively to attract and compete for investments opportunities. If well positioned, the numerous investment opportunities can create employment for the locals besides improving infrastructure and making the provision of basic services a reality. Over and above this, one thing we always need to remember is that we have one country called Kenya and whatever we do at the County level has to feed into the Kenyan Brand.

It is good to note that the Constitution has put a fairly high threshold for the post of Governor. We hope that they will manage these resources for the betterment of the county residents and by extension Kenya at large.

(Marketing and Communication Department, Brand Kenya Board)

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