CORD brings the changes Kenyans yearn for


At the signing this morning of the largest coalition agreement in our history, Kenyans saw what they had so eagerly been waiting for – the composition of the new government that will usher in the change that our people have yearned, fought and sacrificed so much for over the decades.

Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka, Hon Moses Wetangula, Hon Charity Ngilu and I – with so many other leaders who appeared at the formation of CORD – have today made a pledge of total commitment to fight for a new future for our beloved country.

It has been absolutely heart-warming to see the outpouring of support for the new national democratic front which will unite all Kenyans who want a better future for all our people and not just a few. CORD is now poised to deliver a resounding victory on the 4th of March.

We thought we had achieved the goal of an inclusive government that would finally bring justice, peace and prosperity in 2002, and then again in 2007, only to see our hopes crushed by divisive politics which benefitted a minority. But that dream is now finally within our grasp, and no one can stop us.

The team that assembled at KICC today with little advance notice is just one segment of an evolving and very broad coalition of Kenyans from every class and nook and cranny of this great nation. In the days to come, numerous other leaders, professionals and activists will come out and support this ticket. All of them realize that this election is by far the most important of our history. If the people do not win it, a future of even greater impunity stares us in the face.

Our new alliance is a highly symbolic one. It brings together parties – ODM, ODM Kenya (now Wiper), Ford and NARC – which emerged in the ferment for change and justice. Their coming together is proof that we have learned to overcome barriers that have been used to divide us by those running the corrupt and unjust systems that have held sway for decades in our country.

Today marked the beginning of a wave that will sweep away the power and influence of all entrenched elites.

Kenyans have already lived through a coalition government for the last five years. While it kept the peace and also delivered the new Constitution that is the guarantee of a better future for us all, it did not meet the aspirations of the vast majority of Kenyans who wanted a complete break from the past.

But after the disastrous election and the bloodshed that engulfed us for the first time in our history, we had no choice but to accept a forced marriage to save our country.

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  1. LOL!!! WOW!!! Here comes a new one, CORD! What a name! What a coalition of the willing…or forced by circumstances!!! I am waiting to see comments by one Kwesi Pratt – s/he who has excelled in pouring uncalled for vitroil and unneccessary hatred on ODM, the Party Leader and Kenya’s Prime Minister, one Raila Amollo Odinga.
    May I also acknowledge one positive thing that Uhuru said yesterday is that their coming together – i.e., their coalition of accused and/or suspects or fear – is that their coming together with Ruto has enabled other leaders and Kenyans at large to talk to one another. It is a good thing they – TNA/URP political outfits has come together. This has given Kenyans a clear dividing line on what kind of leadership they will elect and give mandate to take this country forward.

    1. Joab: Are you a follower of Kwesi Pratt? Please, please, I hope not. The guy has proved to be so biased, and has buried his head into the sand like a scared ostrich! We need to take that village out of his medula oblongata, and transform him into a true Kenyan without that colonial cancer of tribe which the colonialists spewed on us to fight amongst ourselves ah they raped our resources, and was perfected by successive African leaders from Jomo et al as a tactic of divide and rule.

      1. @Obiek: Spoil the party by discussing issues of REAL TRUTH! See my earlier post above. It seems you guys are laden with alot of hate indeed. Am supporting CORD now because its a better devil. But certainly, am NOT GOING BACK ON ANYTHING AT ALL! All the things I posted are true and evidence is also there. By the way, how come you turned yourselves in to such serious enemies? I thought its always a free discussion and parading the hard truth whenever possible? Whats the matter with you guys? Is that what we are going to embrace once your idol assumes power? Get over it fellows, you are being too narrow!!!!

        1. Kwessi: I am not filled with any hatred towards or an enemy to any of my brethren. I was raised and bred in Nairobi, and recall the man from Othaya being my MP before Jael Mbogo sent him packing to his rural home and practice politics huko. I am very objective nad love our great struugling Nation which has been held captive with self-seeking politicians from being an economic giant in the East African region. I do not profess or speak tribalism. I was blessed to have friends from all corners of the country, and really appreciate the diverse culture of our peolpe.

          Whenever put in a little piece of my thoughts, it’s never tainted with any ethnic chauvinism.

          But for, I must say that now your postings have taken a major turn, and surprisingly very reasonable as you discus the political leaders, and the recent shocking political developments. I hope you maintain this new found objectivity my fellow countryman.

          1. @Obiek: Just go slow dear. What you say cant be taken as gospel truth given your past record. Infact, you should stop spolinig votes by behaving as though you are home and dry. A little blunder and whole world comes heavily on you. Everything must be measured and geared towards national unity. These other pronouncements are poison to voters! Elsewhere, unnecessary blunder has been born! Hope you can read between the lines!!!!

      2. @Obiek: I had given up on Kwessi, but yesterday I couldn’t just resist rattling him to hear what he says of the previous unlikely political developments and shockers…and as expected, I’m not disappointed.

        @Kwessi: PEACE, LOVE & UNITY!

    2. @Joab Baijo: Political dynamics brother demands that you choose the better devil. In this case, better devil is CORD! However, am really shocked by your tsunami of tribal poison. However, If you thought I was driven by tribalism, you were totally off the mark. Having said that, be sure truth doesnt change at all, its God. You need to rise above toxic tribalism. By any chance, are you suggesting that you will hunt me down once your favorite idol comes to power? Actually that conceited view of things by some of us, is what makes us question our morals in joining hands with people seemingly surrounded hopeless tribal juviniles. And dont push me to rain that huge truth on us all or even rethink my vote. And am a TOTAL HE!!!!

  2. Request to moderator: cut out all ethnocentric and tribal laced comments. Let us think of each other as brothers and sisters of mother Kenya regardless of where we come from or what language we speak. Attacking and demonizing this or that tribe has no place in modern Kenya. Attack only the ideas. No need for personal hatred filled attacks.

  3. I would, were I writing the PM’s speeches, ask him to refrain from phrases such as “coalition of the willing” which was a George W. Bush phrase during the Iraq war. Some phrases are divisive take away the appeal for peace and nation building. I am sure he wants to be inclusive not divisive.

    1. @Taveta: Care should surely be keenly taken. Usual blunders shouldnt be allowed to crop up. Spin doctors, moderation is the key to victory. This other stuff has potential to make us walk away!!!!

  4. And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout
    [all] the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you;
    and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every
    man unto his family.There is neither tribe nor class, there is neither bond nor free, there is
    neither male nor female: for ye are all one Kenya one Nation in Christ Jesus.

  5. When you say you are going to create the government that will unite all Kenyans.

    I hear you are going to give all government tenders to our friends and relatives. That you will then take a big percentage of the tender value. That then you are going to give our relatives and friends all the plum government jobs and use your parliamentary majority to ensure they are allowed through.

    For my children’s sake I just hope I am wrong.

    1. @Njuguna Ndugu: What you are saying is what has been happening, not anymore! Those wicked tricks you are unwittingly disclosing are not for new Kenya. Actually, this CORD was formed with FIRM eyes against that!!!!

      1. I don’t know sir, most of CORD leaders have a history of incompetence, corruption and nepotism. Same with most of TNA/URP/UDF.

        1. @Njuguna Ndugnu: You should have said that most of CORD guys have always been kept at bay. While TNA/URP were ever in the centre of things. Corruption and nepotism are only factors in TNA/URP aliance. They have lots of loadfuls of containers of the two vices! Only when CORD takes over power, as IT WILL SURELY DO, is only then we will be able to know who is truly who!!!!

  6. I am sorry there is something amiss, I need kibunjia to correct things in this country, If you go to America or Britain and use the term (black skin) it is actualy a criminal term and a crime of a jail not exiding 20 years or a heavy fine of £ 3000 or both, Why don’t we have the same for any mention of ethnic or this tribe or community by politicians or in political meetings ??? Plee…ase mr Kibunjia get to work tafadhali.

  7. Yes !!! Coalition of the willing my foot !!!. The last time i heard that was during the Iraq invasion by USA, Britain and allied forces from junk states. Over 60,000 innocent Iraqis died and there was not a single clue of weapon of mass destruction!! we never took Bush and Blair to Hague for that though. Is this a coalition of the willing to lead us to death and destruction the Iraqi way????


    Coalition 1
    ICC suspects + Golden-berg + Cemetery saga + no notable development
    record + tribal kings + Kanu big wigs + Insurance scams + Maize scams +
    budget errors

    Coalition 2
    Post election violence + Watermelon + Kibera + poorest province and
    constituencies + over 20 years of leadership with zero development
    record + NHIF
    Saga + 1982 Coup + Tribal kings + ma
    ize scams + molasses plant saga

    Coalition 3
    Self made leaders + Fresh breath + awesome development record + no
    corruption cases + best CDF resource utilization record + Custodian of
    Vision 2030 + best ministry in Perfomance + issue based leadership

    1. @mkenyamwema: Your description of coalition number 2 lacks logic. Thats in the sense that mostly, you employed false propaganda that was fed on you to reach your conclusion. Watermelon is first not a leadership attribute. It was a propaganda name coined to steal thunder from an opponent. However, it looks like you got stuck with it. You need to come out in the open pal and we WILL teach you REAL politics. Kibera+poorest province+ constituencies+20years in leadership with supposedly zero development record, can only be attributed to murderous historical injustices. By the way, in several occasions, development projects budgeted for had been removed from these areas in favor other places. However, thats sure to end with coming of CORD! Selfish schemes started centuries pal!!!!

      And coalition No. 3, you remember David Owen, former Britain’s foreign secretary? He was the best but went to waste because he got stuck with a fridge thing. Thats whats in the offing for the group! Good leaders rise to the occasion when need arises. They dont go to KG1 and pretentiously hope next day is college day. Getting to college takes a whole world from that ground zero zone!!!!!

  9. Kenyans are the ones that need to change. This is just KANU reloaded ! All those guys and the others in other coalitions are not new in the game. There was NARC then there was FORD then DP then etc etc.

  10. Congratulations are in order for all who were involved in the creation of the coalition. My hope is that it will be all inclusive to cater for all Kenyans. I hope it will strive to avoid the pitfalls of betrayal which killed the NARC dream. I hope it will encourage issue based politics as opposed to ethnic and personality based politics. I hope it will strive to engage with Kenyans at large in order to benefit from a rich pool of divergent views.

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