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  1. Its stupid to show us an advert of Americans in those dresses while trying to talk about AFRICAN FASHION. Shindwe tu sana!!!
    Get some life girl

    1. HAHA Spinmeon, I bet you have read the article and gotten a few ideas here and there of how to dress your curves. Curves are curves! whether African, European, American, Asian… get a life for being so shallow!!!

  2. @212e228ac3b4a3fc5bb1649ba264ad38:disqus  and @c2f5008054aef65d8db6a279c197eb94:disqus ………from the above post pics…….there is not much difference with the African-American women from ourselves…except for their skin color( lighter than ours) so really…….i can’t seem to understand where your questions/frustrations’ coming from???!!!
    Maureen has done a fabulous job of giving ideas to our curvy sisters and i wonder what the fuss is all about……so waht if she did not post photos of local curvy women????? the post eventually did deliver a different sense of style for our local women, plus the pics are not even close to trashy…..c’mon, get over yourselves & give credit where it’s due……..
    Maureen…..great piece of post you’ve done right there!!!!!

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