Citizens must clean up their act too

We were baying for their blood and now that we have it, does it make us any better as a people?

I was away from the office when I got SMS alerts one after the other, about ministers resigning, mayors spending nights in police custody and a literal whirlwind over misused taxpayers cash.

Good for us, I thought! These guys are getting what they deserve! How dare they mess around with our money and think they can get away scot free. We are all working hard and the pain felt when paying taxes, that money must be put to good use, no? It was nice, nay thrilling, to see them being held accountable for the sins they committed.

For the rest of the day, I couldn\’t stop thinking about it. I mean, this, just after all those peaceful by-elections. Kenya really is on the path of change, and things might just get better yet!

But I wondered if it made me a better person. I realised that as much as Kenyans want their leaders to be picture perfect, it was time that they we upped our game as well.

We cannot expect our leaders to do the right thing when we don\’t. As PLO Lumumba and his lieutenants work on making the Cabinet and rest of government corruption free, we need to not forget our role in all of this.

Policemen are still being bribed. The cases of cheating on medical insurance are phenomenal. There are still shortcuts in terms of electricity connections and water metres.  I agree, it is most definitely on a much smaller scale, but it is our duty to do the right thing, as citizens of this great nation.

I am glad Moses Wetangula stepped aside. I am happy Geophrey Majiwa did the same, as did Thuita Mwangi – and for William Ruto to have been compelled to do so.  I am glad that recent by-elections have been incident free.

I am also elated that citizens have  stood up to the City Council\’s plans to increase parking fees when we have not seen any change since they hiked the fees from Sh70 to Sh140.  Were the new fees going to line someone\’s pocket?

We should question our individual roles in fighting corruption, and do what we can to keep Kenya on that hard and glorious path.

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