Choose a leader based on his or her character, not tribe

With General Elections only days away, naturally the election fever is very high. Politicians, their supporters and their strategists are doing everything in their power to win the hearts and minds of Kenyans.

Often the air is rendered with shouts of “NASA Tibim and Jubilee Ndaani Ndaani”.

So am I the only one with a million questions running through my mind? Questions that remain unanswered. Where is our country headed to? I miss the good old days when we used to sing “Kenya Nchi nzuri hakuna Matata “. We have a very beautiful country from the people to our tourism sector but just to mention a few. “Tunajivunia taifa letu wakenya wote wazalendo”

Then why not love each other as one?

Why do we have to be divided according to tribal line? This is not the 1920’s for crying out loud where one could not even marry from another tribe as I have read in Margaret A Ogola’s novel, The River and the Source.

Welcome to the 21st century Kenya here we must become one people one nation.

We need to choose all leaders based on their character, values and good conduct and not the tribe or where he or she comes from or even skin colour.

Take this as an example, My fellow school mates who are not even registered voters are shouting NASA or Jubilee when the campaign truck passes by only because of one’s tribe.

Where is our Christian music headed to by the time it is used on campaign rallies. Yes Mambo yabadilika but through God.

Even Pastors such as Joel Osteen are being called upon to pray for our country.

We do not need to be in a social gathering , even church to pray for our country but the more places the merrier. So let us unite and pray for our country.

Change begins with you as an individual so choose a leader based on his or her character and not tribe difference.
Na Tusongembele Pamoja.

When all this is over and we have elected leaders we must work very hard to remain a united country. Where we work together regardless of tribe.

Shekinah Jay Chepkemoi

Pangani Girl’s School
Form 3

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