China-Africa partnership on global development positive and welcome


I know and those open-minded world citizens know that China and Africa have a common goal and destiny towards the advancement of their nations and peoples.

However there are many western media hired African intellectuals who are spreading many false perceptions against the development of stronger ties between China and it’s beloved sister Africa.

The two and their leadership have absolute resolutions to steer their nations towards prosperity without consulting our former colonial masters and that’s called independence of cooperation and freedom for all.

Charity for all and malice towards none is the concept and it had since attracted many naysayers.

China will not back down on this and Africa will not be fooled again to be recolonized by their former harmful colonial masters, but remember Africa is open for business on win-win situations and they found the best of deals with their Chinese counterparts.


The Chinese government never forced anyone to borrow their money. The African governments have willingly signed their agreements.

The African government knew they are borrowing for development issues in which they could make progress and make profit but if some governments lost all to corruption then who will be blamed?

Besides, it is still biased to spread the propaganda of the west against China.

The western countries have tried their bests to stop Chinese economic and political progress and have thus far failed.

For a long time, the African continent was under the aid and loan from the western countries and we all know what happened and where we all find the continent stuck.

For those who are just born the other years, remember Africa was colonized and severely mishandled by the western nations.

While the western nations have had strict measures against their loans and grants leading to malnourished Africa then, now we have loans and grants that are not having any strict measures and they are told take and develop yourself and return the loan with very small interests.

However to be fair to all, let’s say we have African nations that have utilized the Chinese loans and are happily progressing with it.

Meanwhile no any other world leader has the audacity of bringing 53 head of states at one sitting and granting them all they wanted for development.

Now ask yourself as an African citizen whether you are right in blaming the Chinese government

Or whether you are right in accusing your head of state.

Whether you know anywhere else to borrow money for national development other than western world or China?

And if you feel your government is corrupt and misusing the grants and loans borrowed how could you help or advise?

(Prof Abdille is the Director of Chinese Confucius Institute and faculty staff at Egerton University)


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