Can we unite Kenya through football?

As I write this, my heart is still a bit heavy because of England’s 4-1 loss to the ‘Chermans’.

But, thanks to the exhilaration after Ghana’s strong win against the Americans, I am still good and very excited about this World Cup.

It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? More than half a million new visitors in that country for the span of one month and those of us watching on TV are still begging for more.

What is even more profound for me though is that in the two weeks and more since the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Johannesburg, they have managed to achieve something that is still somewhat of a pipe-dream for the almighty United Nations: Unity.

At the start, during, and after each of the games that have been played, you will most definitely see fans and football lovers holding hands, laughing, and acting in total disregard of race, nationality and religion. Even those whose teams lose, weep together.

I can bet my favourite Urban Legend T-shirt that most of the jovial fans we see during the games met each other at the stadiums and fans parks. I am sure they can recognise that aside from the different nations they come from, they are not very dissimilar.

These pictures have restored my faith in the human race. I feel like it is possible for us to redeem ourselves.

Can we, as Kenyans, subscribe to this?

What if we look at the upcoming 2012 elections as the Kenyan Political Cup – an offspring from the FIFA event – held in the country every five years? It can be a Cup where team members will require extraordinary skill to be chosen to play.
Fans’ support can be pegged on the team with a good performance record. We can watch them during the training sessions and see what they have to offer, before making our decision. Then we can watch their games and admire their skill, together.

We are all Kenyan regardless of race, creed, tribe or religion. Choose the team you support very carefully.

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