Can the real Kalonzo please stand up

With regard to the just unveiled proposed Constitution, it would be a gross understatement to note that Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka is a man torn between personal ambition and public duty.
Just hours ago, the man from Tseikuru shared the high table with other dignitaries at the KICC to receive the first copies of the proposed law. Certainly, the public saw him not prevaricate when he said Yes at the unveiling of the proposed Constitution but I lost focus when he went ahead to poke holes on the “five percent fault “on the envisaged law. I believe this is one man who is still frightened to be clear on his beliefs despite the obvious battle between the crown and the cross on matters Constitution.

Kalonzo has always touted himself as a "Born Again Christian" so no one should be surprised at his lily-livered retreat to the doors of the Church but it’s time he is told that he cannot eat his cake and still have it.

As with all politicians at the moment, the sole thought in his mind is Survival 2012. It is not clear what exactly the man’s ambitions are but someone ought to point out to him that his wishy washy habits since the days of merging with PNU to collect the prizes of the election fall out, he has not set any good precedent and is now fully confirming his lack of leadership skills to Kenyans.

In Shakespeare\’s "Julius Caesar", Brutus was a man facing similar challenges to Kalonzo. If you juxtapose their different situations they become eerily similar. The rest of the Senators in Rome had a clear enough reason for killing Caesar; power, he had too much and they wanted some. Brutus however, had more reason than most to prevent the assasination plan. Some historians even speculate on his paternity because Caesar had a very filial relationship with him.
Kalonzo\’s days at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs paid off very well. The man is an absolute diplomat, always portraying himself as a paragon of propriety. He, like Brutus, has a filial relationship with the government (pater familias for purposes of this discussion) and yet wants to find a way to still manage to stab the said government in the back and somehow save face at the end of the process.
Unlike Brutus however, who claimed to be driven by his "love of The Republic", Kalonzo had run out of witty ideologies to save his waning popularity and lack of "street cred". In the last few years he has changed his stories so much it’s a wonder why journalists even cover his Press Conferences. It has stopped being surprising. We should spawn a saying in Kenya to honour this gentleman who recently celebrated 25 years as a Member of Parliament: "As changeable as Kalonzo".
Ironically, as everyone would want to mention, we\’ve been trying to get a Constitution in for 20 years, just five years short of the period this man has served in Parliament. When you have time, google the state of Mwingi North, it should show you what a progressive man Kalonzo is. It has barely changed in the two decades he\’s represented it. Yes, just look up his constituency, a more focused person would have done something, anything, in 25 years.

It\’s farcical to expect anything but patchiness from this man.
If this was old Rome, when it came time to apologise to the citizens and explain himself, Kalonzo, unlike Brutus, would probably have come to grievous bodily harm because his motives are not purely altruistic.

It\’s a good thing he has once again proved to be the typical self centred politician that we all know him to be, maybe the people of Mwingi North will not forget this dangerous trait next time they approach the ballot box to decide on their representative.

This time round, there is no ‘Kupitia Kati Kati yao.’ Can the real Kalonzo Musyoka please stand up!

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