Cabinet reshuffles show me yours, I will show you mine

The mini reshuffle done by President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila is just another procrastination especially given to the fact that with the promulgation of the new constitution at the end of the month Kenyans will expect major changes to be effected at the cabinet offices.
The old game of musical chairs seems to have been the rationale which guided the changes at the helm of the country’s leadership.
While most people will focus on promotions and demotions, the fact of the matter remains that no major change has been effected. Those ministers who took long to change their stand before the music stopped have found themselves being given chairs on the other side, this still keeps them in the game.
Retaining “NO” ministers in Government is a great move by the two principals in trying to reconcile the post-referendum rift.
The principals’ move in mini reshuffle is but a mere exercise of authority over the others, and expression of their opinion as to the place of those who dared stand against them during referendum.
Not much should be read from it. Its just another case of show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

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