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  1. Interesting, but just to emphasize on the last one, or is it No.1 Singles should enjoy there season and look out to equip and make them selves better people by reading exploring new things and talents, a time is coming when you ‘ME’ time will be occupied by work, husband,children etc.Enjoy your Single hood its a precious gift and season, and you’ll never know till you loose it!

  2. On the contrary, research shows that married men tend to get higher status and promotions at work than their single counterparts. As a single man you’ll get all the late nights, weekends and extra work when married man’s kid falls ill but married man will get that corner office.
    Also, studies have shown that sex with strangers may actually not be as exciting since most of the time sexual compatibility is quite low. Since neither knows what the other likes and both are too proud to ask for directions

  3. Lol! Sounds like a guy who is unable to get himself a decent woman trying to convince himself he’ll be OK. Stats all over the world show married men are wealthier, more successful, more content and healthier than single guys of a similar age group. Dear writer, when u grow up, you might get a good mate too! Best, concerned reader.

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