Building a healthy, working and drinking nation


Keroche Breweries, which is the largest wholly owned brewing company in Kenya and the home of truly Kenyan, quality alcoholic brands including Summit Lager, Summit Malt, Viena Ice, Viena Ice Lemon Twist, Valley Wines (red and white) and Crescent range of spirits, commends and supports the President’s call to fight illicit brews.

Keroche Breweries has been at the forefront fighting the illicit brews since our inception in 1997.

Looking at what has been happening recently, particularly with the intimidation of many legitimate businessmen and women, the infringement of their rights, the huge losses suffered through the destruction of property, machines, equipment and legitimate products; and with innocent Kenyans losing their jobs and livelihood as a result of this, it would be unfair and hypocritical of me not to come out and share and shed light on what we know most.

We condemn the action of our leaders who do not have the professional skills to determine what is quality liquor and what is not, with some even jumping over fences to ‘determine’ what is legal or not. This is a task for the professionals at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Legitimate brewing companies have been crying for a long time for the government to regulate the alcohol industry because it has been in a mess.

The benefits of this regulation are many and would include the provision of quality products in the market, a level playing field for all businesses, the creation of professional jobs, support of innovative practices, remitting more revenue to the government and putting order and discipline in the industry that will then be respected all over the world.

Everyone, from the common mwananchi to the trader and all the leaders including the church elder, must join the fight to eradicate the killer brews. This fight must be embraced by all Kenyans right from the village to the ward, the sub-county towns and the entire county at large.

I wonder, what would be in a person’s mind when he brews liquor that he knows will kill those who drink it? This man or woman will not give this drink to their children but they are willing to give it to others. Surely anyone who is not concerned with the future of the society is not normal. Can such a person really be happy with his or her life? To do this one must be cursed and that is why I believe they need counselling.

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