Bensouda should just do the honourable thing – Drop Kenyan cases


This latest application by Prosecutor Bensouda to adjourn the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta comes as no surprise. While we may not hasten to count the chicks before they hatch, her admission that the evidence she has cannot meet the required threshold is refreshing for once.

It is an admission that her office and her predecessor left her with a bungled box of puzzle pieces which can never interlock well enough to form a complete or rational picture.

However, instead of further postponing the inevitable, I would request her to consider doing the honorable thing and drop the case altogether.

If the basis upon which the original case was confirmed no longer stands true, what sort of justice would the Court be administering if they allowed her to continue dragging along an innocent party until she is able to obtain additional evidence?

Even from a layman’s angle, this request is unreasonable and condescending to the people of Kenya. Yes, we understand the need to uphold justice for the victims, but it cannot be at the expense of the accused. She has the burden of proof and so far, the ‘so called proof’ is disintegrating faster than we can spell justice.

It also goes without saying that the president’s roles have been impaired by the case at the ICC. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Nation and needs undivided attention to steer the country towards prosperity. The prosecutor’s move is a good sign that he will now have more time to act on pressing national and indeed regional matters.

We have a challenge of terrorism, the world already knows about the Westgate attack in September. We have a Constitution to implement, we have Kenyans to give jobs, we have poverty to eradicate, in a nutshell, the president has very important roles which require his full concentration. He and his deputy William Ruto gave Kenyans their manifesto; we know they are very committed to ensure that they fulfill their promises to us.

In the meantime, I want to express my heartfelt delight at this newest ICC twist, on behalf of Kenyans and congratulatory wishes to our dear President.

I want him to know that we continue to stand with him and to support him in this matter. We will keep praying for justice and trust that this matter will be concluded soon enough. We are also looking forward to seeing Ruto freed on the same principles of fairness and justice.

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  1. I totally agree with you Chris
    and all Kenyan are behind our president, hope he now have peace of mind to
    fulfill the promises to Kenyans

  2. gladys O, makau mutua, Maina Kiai and all those NGOs at the hague to disrupt kenyan delegation. shame on you, and listen to your mother bensouda!

  3. In as much as the victims of the post election violence need compassion and justice, dragging innocent persons to ICC does not give them the compassion and justice they deserve. The ICC Prosecutor, and I congratulate her humility in this instance, should drop the kenyan Case, as presently before ICC, and conduct fresh investigations that will hopefully pin down the culprits. That will be justice and compassion for the victims!
    In the mean time we thank the Righteous Judge for smiling on our President. Deputy President is next in the line of that smile…

  4. I am sure the international conflict merchants, namely Makau and his brother Kiai are tearfully preparing divorce papers against their Mother Bensouda… How could she serve them with such bitter Gambian Soup! has she never heard of UhuRuto Choma and Ugali!

  5. Bensouda is being blamed now for what is really a failure of the entire ICC.

    The case started with Ocampo’s half-baked theories. It then gained confirmation based on incredible events such as the meeting at State House as narrated by lying witnesses, reliance on intermediaries (Kiai, Hassan, Mutua, Otieno, etc..) despite the warnings that came out of the Lubanga trial, and chambers that grant the OTP every wish instead of severely punishing infractions. For instance, why did the court indulge Bensouda in her diversionary pursuit of ex-intermediary Walter Barasa?

    I feel to see what adjournment would add, since the KEY witnesses have admitted that they lied. I Bensouda hoping to find a witness somewhere to confirm fictitious events?

  6. Thanks Mr. Kirubi and I truly agree with your sentiments honorably you have pointed out to The ICC personnel. Yes every day we live this Case because these are our leaders, and we hate what we read and hear from Media. Sooner the better we are made rid of these miseries. God Bless you,God Bless Kenya.

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