Benefit of Doubt

If there are people who are pissed of by this world cup is African and the Britons but ofcourse for various reasons. Funny how Capello’s men were torn apart by German’s boys,talk of leaders of tomoro, and demoralised just because the referee was on a bad angle and couldnt see the ball pass the goal line. Those in support of goal line technology ever wondered why tennis is a boring game? The human aspect of the game shouldnt be lost because that is the joy of soccer or should i say football. Makbull will agree with me on that otherwise he would have to pay eve 5Gs if their bet was recorded. ENGLAND u have 2012 to revenge.

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  1. I wish good time in NIGERIA and to harvest three point coz Nigerian team is like us but the thing is hardwork in the ground leads to good results Harambee stars go for goals.

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