Being Kenyan Today Means…..

To be Kenyan, in this day and age, you must have a good memory. A memory that will not fail you in remembering the Post Election Violence of 2007/8. Whereas outsiders to the conflict assumed that the conflict was due to disputed election results, Kenyans know only too well that the 2005 Referendum was the beginning of ugly tribal politics. Without diving into the details, the results of the Referendum adequately showed the tribal divisions of this country, and unfortunately, our media capitalized on such news… But then again, no one really anticipated the magnitude of the violence that broke out. You see, being a Kenyan today means that you MUST recall all these things, each and every single day!

This therefore begs the question: What kind of Kenyans are these “KKK” chaps! Whats is most peculiar about the same people is how easily they utter the term KKK, as though completely unaware of the origin of the name and what the original KKK group was associated with. But that’s a discussion for a later date!

Being Kenyan means you remember there are people in IDP Camps. Being Kenyan means that you respect ALL tribes. Being Kenya means you seek to alleviate poverty and create employment, especially if you were elected on the premise that you would deliver the same.

August 4th 2010 changed the face of Kenya, especially to Kenyans themselves. Its about time the politics of these country was informed by ideologies, was informed by visionary leadership; leadership that sees beyond ensuring a certain political leader does not sit in the presidency because of personal and/or political differences.

My argument is simple if the KKK alliance would present to Kenyans their ideological manifesto; then perhaps we would see past the tribal outfit they have been seen to represent. But as I said, being Kenyan means that you do not forget. Therefore, we cannot forget that in 2005-2007 Hon Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon William Ruto could not see eye to eye on the basic things such as how our beloved country should be governed… Parliamentary or Presidential System. In fact, i don’t feel obliged to believe that today they see eye to eye at all.

The KKK alliance has – holding all factors constant – immense potential to lead this country to great heights; if only the alliance was informed by ideological and visionary factors. But we are Kenyans, we don’t forget, we know too well, that is not the case.

Finally, this is an out aloud thought: Being Kenyan means we do not forget. Let not the media forget the huge role they played in the PEV of 2007/8. Let them not forget they are Kenyans. They owe their allegiance to not only their viewers/listeners but also to themselves. Granted that the media is guided by rules such as “GOOD NEWS IS NO NEWS” let them be Kenyan and remember where BAD news led us. The KKK alliance, is bad news. Its tribal and divisive and it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that out. If at all GOOD news is NO news, then simply give the KKK alliance a black-out… Up until the prove to us they have come together because they have the same ideologies and most importantly the same vision for this country.

Let us not forget, wounds have not yet healed, let us not forget people are still in camps, let us not forget for every action there is a reaction, let us not forget JUSTICE HAS NOT BEEN DONE OR SEEN TO BE DONE LET US NOT FORGET FOR WE ARE KENYANS AND WE MUST NOT FORGET… 2007/2008!

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