Beautification goes beyond Nairobi



Is the Central Business District (CBD) the only part of Nairobi worth looking after, beautifying, lighting up, painting roads and punishing those who dump? Why not conduct the beautification of Nairobi or Kenya for that matter or is the government limited to Haile selassie avenue, Uhuru highway and University way?

It is mainly within this section of the city, with the exception of government offices around Community area and of course State House that an effort has been made to make the City centre striking.  As one drives along Uhuru highway, past University Way, the scenario changes; ditches are full of rubbish, the roundabouts are full of litter, and there is lack of dustbins at common areas of dumping such as bus stages, outside shops and next to vendors.

It doesn’t take a genius political mind to come up with a city maintenance program.  The virtues that one uses at home can be implemented in the country! Gone are the days when the road would be cleaned using water to completely remove the rubbish on the tarmac and wash out the dust along the pavement, a practice still popular in more developed countries.

To further my outrage, the recent announcements of beautifying the highway by placing stones seems to me as criminal in a country prone to strikes and clashes every now and then. These are weapons ready for use! Secondly we are a growing country with the number of vehicles incredibly high, we need wider roads – Mombasa road, Uhuru highway, Waiyaki way simply need to be extended and a simple way of doing that is removing the roundabouts.

 It is ironical to have Ngong road, a major road linking Naivasha road, having an undeveloped section so large,  yet the government hasn’t taken steps towards widening it! I stand to be corrected but are traffic jams lasting long hours of the day part of the move to show Kenyans how rich our nation is in vehicles?
How about the pollution? The amount of carbon dioxide gases emitted every hour by personal cars, poorly maintained buses and matatus that bought their way out of inspection, tankers carrying tones of fuel are a major hazard.

Why haven’t we started beautifying parks around the city, giving residents of Nairobi a reason not to have to come to the city centre to see the beauty of their homeland? Does one have to go to the kitchen to see how beautiful a house is? I do commend the good work done but it is not enough, not even a fraction of what can and should be done.

Kenyans do not care about the environment, we dump wherever and whenever. When will we learn, we are living in critical times and dumping is a MAJOR hazard to our society, Bwana Mheshimiwa and wananchi, let’s change and be changed.

(Ali Abdallah is a Capital FM website reader)

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