Bare knuckled attacks between Raila and Musalia

The Secretariat, RAILA ODINGA for President

1. We wish to advise Kenyans to ignore the unsavory remarks that Mr. Musalia Mudavadi has taken to making against Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the guise of an election agenda.

2. These are the tantrums of a spoilt child who is used to free things. They cannot make an election agenda. Elections are about people and issues that concern them. They are not about insulting other leaders while calling yourself “a humble gentleman.”

3. These babyish tantrums should be dismissed with the contempt that they deserve. Mr. Mudavadi is bereft of any meaningful agenda for Kenya. In any event, his history does not give him any helpful agenda. That is why he fears this word, history. But you cannot run away from your history. People are known by their Curriculum Vitae. In this regard, Mr. Mudavadi is the face of everything that could go wrong with the economic, legal and political life of any country. It can only be expected, therefore, that his “campaign agenda” will be to pour insults on the Prime Minister. Beyond that he has nothing to offer the Kenyan electorate.

4. The nation, however, needs to appreciate the platform from which Mr. Mudavadi is operating. Throughout his career, he has been used to soft options as a free loader. He has also been part of the worst economic and political dispensation in the country to the extent that it is laughable for him to speak about good governance, the economy, corruption and allied topics. He just does not have the credentials.

5. As a young man, barely out of adolescence, he was in 1989 plucked from oblivion to inherit the then Vihiga Parliamentary seat from his late father. This was done in a most undemocratic manner. The one political party of the day then blocked other aspirants to the seat from competing. Mudavadi was handed the seat unopposed, on the silver platter.

6. Following that electoral fiction in 1989, he went on to be rigged back to Parliament in 1992 and 1997. When he faced the true test of democracy in 2002, he lost badly. This was despite of the cushion of a sinecure vice presidency.

7. Since 2002, Mr. Mudavadi lives under pathological fear of democratic processes. That is why he has invented all manner of spurious excuses against ODM and the PM before bolting to non-competitive environment.

8. He is now busy ingratiating himself with Hon. William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta. As usual, he is dreaming of getting the presidency from them on the silver platter. He must therefore please them by throwing dirt at the PM.

9. It is not lost upon us that Mr. Mudavadi threw a party for his cronies at his Nairobi residence to celebrate the indictment of Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto. Used, as he is, to easy options, he has been openly talking of himself as “the right option, when Uhuru and Ruto go to the ICC.” This is a curious way to advance a political career.

10. Regarding the shameful activities in Sabatia on Saturday, everybody present saw that Mr. Mudavadi’s hirelings were responsible for the fracas, led by Mr. Boni Khalwale, who is a serial champion of political violence. It is laughable to talk of the PM “importing Luo youth from Nairobi to disrupt a funeral in Sabatia.” This is a cheap ploy calculated to drive a tribal wedge between the peace loving Luhya and Luo neigbours in Western Kenya. It will fail.

11. Mr. Mudavadi was squarely responsible for the violence. It is instructive that having made all the necessary arrangements for violence at the funeral in Sabatia, Mr. Mudavadi left the place for the nearby Mbale Market, where he commanded the operations on cellphone, from the safety of his car. A Mr. Kibisu executed the rest, together with a Mr. Kubasu, a Mr. Osotsi and a Mr. Chavanga, with others detailed by Dr. Khalwale.

12. In the coming days, we will present a detailed documented account of Mr. Mudavadi’s curriculum vitae. We shall invite him to explain a lot of things, among them his role as the confluence of Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg affairs and the mystery of KShs. 16 billion. We shall call upon him to help us understand malfeasance in the Metrological Department, procurement in Posta Corporation, mysterious shares in a cellphone service providing company, questions at the Kenya Ports Authority, the failed privatization of the Postal Corporation, financial dealings at NSSF and in the Communications Commission of Kenya, as well as what is commonly known as the DT Dobie Affair, among other things. Meanwhile he is advised to try and find something useful to say to Kenyans, if he can find anything.

Signed: Barrack Muluka, National Director of Communications. The RAILA ODINGA for President Secretariat


This is in reaction to the Statement by the RAO Secretariat

• DPM did not insult PM neither did he ask him to retire. The gist of the DPM speech was that since President Kibaki and PM are principals in a coalition government Kibaki is retiring by dint of the constitution, voters should send the PM in retirement in the next elections as a mark of solidarity with his co-principal.

• All these irritability about Mudavadi are about the great loss they feel. They are using Mudavadi for to seek media attention but we are not ready to offer them that solace. Their vulgarity speaks volumes about the “Character” of their candidate.

After they threatened to unleash “dirty” dossier since December, one would have thought they would do better than juvenile attempts to hoodwink Kenyans with some high sounding tomfoolery. Everyone knows that in any of the cited “dossier” investigations have been done and culprits named and netted.

• Any fanciful allegations that border on defamation are actionable. We are not interested in them wasting our time in useless verbal exchanges. We are not seeking their vote neither do we require their vote. Issues of “character” will be decided by Kenyan voters.

• They ought to know that Musalia Mudavadi is not afraid of his past. Every act he has performed is public knowledge and no intimidation about nefarious revelations will cower him. If these threats did not keep him in ODM, they will not stop him winning the elections.

• Neither does he deem it necessary that anyone should imprison Kenyans in fear because of their self-proclaimed glorious past. It is important to know that just because you assume you walked the path of righteousness in the past may not resonate with the person Kenyans know today.
• Kenyans have current corruption stories to tell. In the lead up to elections, they may choose to tell stories about this corruption and it will not just be propaganda about some target individuals. The difference will be in their captivating currency. We have snippets of them in the Maize, Kazi kwa Vijana, NSSF and NHIF scams.

On the other hand, theirs is a gasping breath to divert attention from their terror activities committed and planned. We all know that you can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all Kenyans all the time. Kenyans can name those whose second name is violence. We may be arguing with a militia in the guise of A LOBBY GROUP ready to pounce.

• The Raila campaign has all but admitted that they imported goons to a funeral in Sabatia where they unleashed unthinkable terror on mourning mothers, old men and innocent bystanders. Whether the goons were ferried from Kisumu, Busia or Nairobi is not the issue. This time round, the goons even roughed up a dead body too.

• You can read animism here; serious evil visited onto a very peaceful and religious community. Never has this community ever witnessed such wickedness against their value system of honouring the dead.

• Why one should invite gangs of misfits dressed in party colours to a funeral is now beyond speculation. Fear and intimidation is the operating manual here. The people of Sabatia were supposed to be intimidated into submission and since they did not, they had to be clobbered and their funeral rites violated.

• All this while, the beneficiaries of the violence were calmly seated enjoying the scenic beauty of the dead being punished for dying with their vote. All this is because the attempt to create the impression of political support at the funeral had backfired.

If the RAO Secretariat can go to this extent, anyone can guess who authored an SMS in the Kisa dialect of the Luhya language alleging planned chaos.

Kibisu-Kabatesi. Private Secretary Director of Public Communication
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

12 Replies to “Bare knuckled attacks between Raila and Musalia”

  1. Please be informed that Kenyans would require better acts than these. I would request Raila and Mudavadi team to spares Kenyans to these kind of immature behavior 

  2. If Mr. Mudavadi is as u have described him here above. Then u r all fake an fools to have given him the post of DPM, work with him for the years for that matter. What good does this do to kenyans. In the first place, if there had been no ODM. There wld be nothing like Election Violence, or IDP

  3. I would like to see policies and comparison between proposed governance issues between two sides of these political leaders camos.  Instead, I see a scene from Eric Omondi’s/Churchill’s shows – MCHONGOANO… and kids throwing mud at each other….
    Save us the DRAMA/CRAP and tell us what you will do DIFFERENTLY from what you are used to……(NOTHING)…

    1. Very true, there’s nothing of value in this two statements. We Kenyans shouldn’t allow ourselves to be misused by politicians for their own personal gains!

  4. I have heard what Mr.Muluka and Kabatesi know.I wish to remind them &Kenyans that we have five if not six papers of clearance from different bodies to allow one to stand on elections.We the electors shal give the last paper of Yes or No.—PM is a leader.DPM is a leader too,but we cannot be without knowledge of the capacity of leadership in each one of them.We kenyans know what we want in a leader away from tribal lines.We want quality leadership.We want a Kenyan.We want a corruption fighter.We want some man and or woman who shal bring us back to our glorious image plus our stolen economy.We want to be Kenyans once more.Yes indeed.

    1. I totally agree with you.. A lot of things have changed. The constitution spells it all. Even the presidency these guys are running for..I do not think they know what to expect in terms of appointments, decision making and running of this country. All the power has been decentralized such that the next president will have more power at his dinning table (for those who have one) than at state house……..

  5. Now that you said that the question of “character” will be decided by the voters, my take is that both of you  (whether M.M or RAO or UhuRuto… the list is long) 
    are a disgrace and are not fit to lead this country!! 

  6. MM and RAO are two people who really want to show us what they have.In the Ring: First MM removes his pants and shows RAO his butt…. then RAO remove his too and show MM his.They compare! One off course is bigger and uglier than the other. Secondly MM squats and shits a whole hill of two days of constipation…. aaah! RAO cant take it and shits a bigger one. Difference? Yes One show he has eaten Ingoho and the other Omena kwa wingi. Not done yet!: MM stands and holds pipe tight and pushes hard to peeee furthest….. not good enough RAO take charge and holds tight and sukumas hard to peeeeee further. Difference? Yes! The number of “e” in the peeeeeee.They should stop this public ‘bad manners’. It is only showing that they are not cable of leading 40m Kenyas. Akina Kibunna should semon this two before they cause serious tribal divides.

  7. The opening of the dirty closets is here with us,since a fortnight ago Musalia was ODM, now that  has left to chart a course of his own the ODM brigade is up in arms threatening to open up the store room where the ghosts of corruption, violence and and the 2007 election debackle and riots were stored.I can only urge them on for the ICC shenanigans might even be solved from homeland.with people whose second name is violence as alleged by these combatants what should we expect as a country.Only God can save us from these wannabes.

  8. If I met you arguing with a mad man, I presuppose you’re worse than him. Tell us what you got, leave MM alone.

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