Are you the chosen one?

Last Sunday, I was sitting outside the bakery at Kasuku Centre playing third party to a conversation on drafting a proposal and I was caught off guard by what seemed like an idle but ‘loaded’ question.

“Do you aspire to be a politician?” asked one of my friends.

“The thought has never crossed my mind,” I answered, and looked at Dismas quizzically. He replied by saying, and quite seriously, “If you don’t, guess who will?”

Writing about it now reminds me of the chair-happy councillors I only see on TV during chaotic and bloody council meetings, and I can bet you that these are the very people who will be grand-standing in the August House, if neither of us is inspired ‘to be a politician’.

Most people say they want to be politicians to fill their pockets, ride lovely cars, not pay taxes and have life easy. It is often said as a bad joke when something outlandish happens, like the refusal to pay taxes, or absenteeism when a crucial but controversial verdict is needed from the House.

There must be several reasons why people do not consider running; maybe you don’t think you have enough money, maybe you look down on the profession, maybe you feel that you don’t have enough clout to make the needed ‘alliances’ to get you in or perhaps you just don’t think it is achievable. Maybe it has never crossed your mind.

What would you do as a politician? Why would you want to be one? What conviction do you have that can translate into hope for those who would be kind enough to listen to you without asking you for a dime? Are you the ‘chosen’ one who even after saying something awe-inspiring or making an ambitious pledge, will not be forced to put your foot in your mouth one day?

Simply put, do you think you can do a better job? I think everyone should try and ask themselves that question and see what it brings out. Maybe you are the ‘chosen’ one.

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