Are the Kenyan rugby boys becoming complacent?

I am beginning to not like watching the IRB sevens circuit anymore. There is no joy in the game if we are not winning.

I don’t know where you were but I watched this weekend and the weekend before as we got thrashed badly and worse-ly by teams that we have a definite and even easy ability to beat.

Just what is the problem? What happened on the way to heaven, I wonder? As other teams are getting better, our performance pendulum doesn’t seem to be moving.

Have this very able group of young studs been hit by the curse of fame? Or is it the Kenyan habit of complacency.

I am not an authority on rugby and I confess that I only began to watch it in earnest when all the hue and cry about Collins Injera and the infamous Benjamin Ayimba surrounded my social circles.

But since then I have asked questions here and there and can watch the tries, conversions and scrums with a reasonable amount of understanding.

So as I washed down this recent string of losses with some ice cold water and thought that this magnificent team need to nip this problem in the bud so that it doesn’t become another ‘Kadenge na mpira’ story.

The word around town is that the sponsor is to blame for the dismal performance of Kenya’s national rugby team, but we all know that that is hogwash.

They just need to improve their game. I wasn’t on the pitch but I could see as clearly as the opposing sides that the rugby boys’ games followed a very predictable pattern.

The opponents almost always knew exactly which side the Kenyan pass would go and were on hand to intercept.

I understand it was our most successful season yet, point wise but the dismal shows in the last three tournaments ensured that there was no improvement from last year, when we at least managed to get into the main cup final.

So chop chop! Benja, wave your magic wand! Get these boys fit for the next season and make us proud.

We will still be watching you and cheering you on as we did this weekend and the weekend before. Celebrating your wins and mourning your losses.

Just get to work and don’t rest on your past successes!

Long live Kenyan rugby.

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