Apology letter to Eliud Kipchoge

It was nice to watch you run the world yet again after many months of preparation which involves hardwork , commitment , resilience , focus and discipline . It was even more superlative to watch you smash a world record to smithereens and raise the Kenyan flag much higher . You are a true patriot and legend of a man who has a story to be told .

I decided to pen you this letter because sometimes I feel we do not deserve you Eliud . There’s so much more to Eliud Kipchoge I believe apart from smashing world records . Our coverage of you during the just concluded Berlin Marathon is nothing to write home about and this breaks my heart .


Many people do not know how far you have come , what you eat , your work out routine … but would love to . I apologize on behalf of the journalism fraternity because this is an injustice of the highest order . Not only to you but also to the many budding marathoners.Our obsession to only focus on your networth , your investments while side-lining your struggles and sacrifices before you got here and the many things you are doing to impact those around is very short-sighted and wrong of us . It’s more traumatizing that we even borrow stories about you from some of our former colonizers yet we are closer to you than them . Like you have just reminded us in Berlin that no human is limited , I hope media stops ‘ limiting ’ your success .


One thing I wish to ask you Eliud , I know you are an avid reader of books like myself . I also know that you love African stories . Don’t you think it is time we as Africans told our own stories instead of letting others do it for us ? A little spot-check I did on YouTube confirms that no one in Kenya has even thought of a nice well researched feature story or even documentary about you . The few I have seen belong to international media if not the many brands you work with. It is shameful of us .

Those who call themselves ‘ passionate ’ journalists should wake up and smell the coffee . They must reduce on tweeting you selfies of themselves in your company and go back to work. We want the real story ! The rest must stop sitting in newsrooms all day waiting for stories to go viral on social media so that they can ‘ harvest ’ the comments and employ the most interesting as click-bait in the name of a title then add their by-line and run back to share as they wait for end-month . Our stories about you and many other sport personalities should reflect the true nature of things and give more insight because only africans tell african stories best .

I wish you the best Eliud and promise you that the next crop of future generation journalists will never be 3 things … lazy , limiting and boring .

Yours Truly.

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