Allowance demand by self-sponsored doctors dishonest


On September 13, 2012, the medical interns at the University of Nairobi went on strike demanding that the government pays a stipend of Sh92,000 a month to self sponsored students doing their internship at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Both the University of Nairobi and the Kenyatta National Hospital managements have gone to a great length in explaining this issue in articles this past week. I will, however, try to give a full background to this issue and why both the university and KNH have declined to meet this demand.

When students graduate with medical degrees from public universities in this country, they are required to work with the government for at least three years before they proceed for post-graduate studies either locally or abroad. When the University of Nairobi or Moi University admits them for these studies, they do their clinical or practical work at the KNH under an arrangement between the hospital and the university.

During this time they are called interns or registrars. Having been employed in government they continue earning their salaries as well as the following: extraneous allowance of Sh60,000 per month, house allowance of Sh24,000 per month among other allowances.

In summary, they enjoy the same pay package as any other doctor working in the public service plus allowances commensurate with their responsibilities. KNH further provides registrars with housing facilities within its premises at subsidized rates of between Sh7,500 and Sh15,000.

There are, however, students who, soon after they graduate, choose to work for the government for less than three years and then resign to sponsor themselves for post graduate studies in what is essentially a parallel program. Some other students are sponsored in their studies by foreign governments, companies, parents and so on. All these are treated as self sponsored students by both the university and the government.

While doing their internship they go through the same program as those sponsored by the government. They are all expected to put in 80 hours of work per week at the KNH as part of their training. It must be noted that it is in the interest of every post graduate student to have as much practical experience as possible while on internship. In other words, doing more than 80 hours is actually good use of one’s time so as to get even better experience under the supervision of a specialist.

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  1. This seems to be a clear issue….but on the workplace environment,what is the use of having multiple facilities without equipment or personnel;can’t we focus on few efficient facilities?

  2. Where as I understand where Waziri is coming from, there is still something I wish we could get clarification on

    Why do the self-sponsored students leave the government programme?

  3. Our good doctors should also commit to work full time like every other public servant. The current situation where they put in 2-3hrs a day and retreat to their private clinics must not be tolerated.

  4. yes this is very true,but plz nyong’o don’t try toy with us. our current health institutions are a joke.medical officers are at risk of contracting diseases when ever they walk into their work on the other hand,do not use this health facilities(lucky you)so you are not in a hurry of resolving this matter.
    Resources are misused first by having to ministries dealing with health your and Beth’s.
    The medics have issues that touch on Wanjiku,so lets not fool ourselves.Address the matter with a sober mind like you’ve done above without insulting your voters(kes 2,000.00 lunch)

  5. Nyongo is a poor performing Minister. Actually the worst performing minister in the same league as Waititu. Whereas the others talk of dialogue, he talks of firing doctors and hiring others like they are idle at Uhuru park tarmarking for jobs. Kenya has one of the lowest doctor-patient ratio and firing doctors doesnt help the case. Nyongo has the luxury of jumping into a private jet to seek medicare in the US/ Canada like he did a couple of months ago. He clearly showed us the confidence he has in the institution he heads as its Minister.

  6. Now you have put in a very eloquent article in a blog and we have understood. Case solved. Can our medics now urgently and happily go back to work Prof? I put it to to you sir that yours is a case of delusion.

  7. If I was a sadist I would not only curse this minister but wish him worse, but for the sake of my religious inclination I restrain…..only because of that!!! I have worked in a government facility and I have suffered under the blunt of the poor conditions, and I hate it!! I have seen lives that could have been saved lost.
    What’s more painful is the thought that all this could have been evaded had little effort been put.

    Doctors deal with delicate issues so alot is expected of them…sometimes beyond what they can deliver. Unfortunately the government offers very little support to meet these demands.

    For the few of us who still feel the doctors have no course to go on strike….next time you have a relative who is admitted in one of our provincial hospitals and they need transfusion be careful!!

    For the registrar….its only in Kenya that registrar are not pain. These guys pay school feel to study (by the way I am one of them) and then we end up exposed to a working environment instead of study environment. The recent remarks by the VC UoN Proff. Magogha just add salt to the injury….where on earth is someone expected to work for 80 hours in a week? Even prisoners who are under punishment do not do that much!!!

    1 thing is for sure though….Nyong’o is a minister from the ODM party, clearly I can see how his party ideologies will rule this country…atleast as it pertains to human resource. in that I have a REASON NOT TO VOTE FOR ODM.

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