All Kenyans are made of political fabric

I suffered extreme indignation as did millions of Kenyans who together with me must have watched the censure motion against our beloved William Ruto come to nought.

Everybody was outraged that such a grave matter was denied the moral punishment it so craved.

It had been assumed that as open, critical, and affected as Kenyans were, Ruto and other MPs would find it in their hearts to do the right thing and replace the leadership at the Agriculture Ministry – which is almost completely responsible for providing food for Kenyans – since nearly 10 million citizens are at risk of dying from hunger.

But after reading a note from a friend the day after, it dawned on me that only he who has no sin has the ultimate right to cast the first stone.

Only he who was brave enough to pay the cash bond and sit for hours on end in court for a traffic offence rather than save the time and hassle by greasing the hands of the boys in blue.

Only he who didn’t know someone who knew someone who could get their alien friends a legit national ID or passport. If you think those matters are petty-er, think of a passenger bus rolling cause its overloaded and yet the driver had sorted it out with the traffic guard.

Or an arms smuggler who slipped a few thousands between his application documents and then proceeded to sell revolvers to teenagers, while UNDER the radar.

My facebook friend makes a good point, who does not have sin? I leave you with a few things to mull; there can be no supply without demand, there can be no protracted fight without conviction and a tainted or staggered conviction is full of holes which can catch onto anything.

I believe if your complaints mean more, they will yield better results.

As Kenyans we need to start slow and muster one big deafening shout against the Kenya we do not want! We are no more special than the Kenyan beside us…

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