Aliens did not fall from the sky

The government has suddenly realised that there may be a huge number of illegal immigrants in the country. It has also dawned on authorities that these illegal aliens have IDs, own property and enjoy rights that remain elusive even for Kenyans like you and I.

Put simply, the government has been caught napping. The chaps we call illegal aliens did not fall from the sky!

These immigrants did not arrive in Kenya last night. They have been trickling in small numbers over the years and someone should have seen this coming.

In other countries, it is virtually impossible for foreigner to rent (yes… rent) an apartment, open a bank account or even secure a decent job.
It you are a citizen, a foreigner cannot enjoy more rights than you do.  Here, it is the exact opposite.  We all know how difficult it is for youths to acquire IDs once they reach 18.  Not so for illegal immigrants – they can secure one in hours (at the right price).

We all know that rent in certain city estates is now unaffordable thanks to those who have come with dollars. Businessmen are now competing for office space with fellows who are ready to pay not quarterly, but for a year.

The failings start at our border points.  The same flaws then replicate themselves at the Immigration department before our weak laws set in making it possible for foreigners to take over every aspect of Kenyan life.

Our borders seem so porous, a whole country can easily migrate here and we do not notice.  How else do you explain how a man on the world’s watchlist can enter Kenya unnoticed?

How many others like him have done the same?

What we are seeing is a kneejerk reaction to an already bad situation.The crackdowns we are seeing would be unnecessary if those tasked with the duty of vetting visitors into the country did their jobs.

We would save this country a great deal if we stopped selling IDs and passports to illegal immigrants.  There’s a story told how holding a Kenyan passport can be a liability in European capitals since no one can vouch if the document is indeed genuine. 

We need to restore integrity to our institutions and while at it, enact laws that protect citizens from exploitation at the expense of foreigners. It’s done elsewhere.  We can copy and paste if no one wants to think.

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