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Kenyans should treat Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka’s outburst calling on Prime Minister Raila Odinga to retire together with President Mwai Kibaki and pave the way for younger leaders, with the contempt it deserves.

It is important to note that the VP’s odd call made in Mumias town at the end of his tour of Western has stark similarity with the one made by his latest alliance partner Musalia Mudavadi at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru early this year during his first rally after defecting from the ODM in suspect circumstances.

From the onset Kenyans have always suspected that the Vice President and the Deputy Prime Minister (Mr Mudavadi) are mere puppets for a powerful cartel which has hired and commissioned them to play political spoilers in exchange for money.

We know very well that the two are under firm instructions to deliver their tribal votes to Mr Uhuru Kenyatta or neutralize them not to benefit any other presidential candidate who can pose a threat to the Gatundu South MP.

The twin claim to youthful leadership and third force into the next presidential race is a mere smokescreen to hoodwink unsuspecting wananchi after it became evident to their communities (Kamba and Luhyia) that their godfathers at State House were just using them to fight a tribal war to benefit Uhuru Kenyatta.

How come the VP never issued such statements before and while on a tour of other parts of the country, only to erupt with it in Mudavadi’s Western backyard. Could the two be merely reciting a crammed script forced onto them by their paymasters?

It should go on record that the Prime Minister is more youthful and focused than the two who have increasingly proved to be failed Politicians who are never their own man ever since they ventured into politics almost 20 years ago.

As it is commonly known, age is just but a number. What matters is one’s character and ideas and not the number of years one has, hence the need for Kenyan voters to fix their sights on real issues affecting the country and not shallow considerations like a candidate’s age.

Mr Musyoka should be reminded that Kenyans are not foolish to be swayed by propaganda and alarmist statements to support a joint ticket having him as president and Mudavadi as running mate.

The two are known to be indecisive, weak, elitist and politically incompetent and no Kenyan will entrust them with national leadership.

(Micah Kigen is the National Chairman – FORA)

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  1. Well said Micah, in fact Kibaki is not retiring due to age factor but the collapse of his constitutional mandate of two terms. Were it not for the two term constitutional requirement, the same two opportunists “melon and project” could be the ones shouting loud mzee mzee …Kibaki Tena! Hypocrites.

    1. @Beloved King: Fraudsters called decent people watermelons and projects. Guys who jumped in to a train that had already station, to amazement of onlookers, starting shouting that they were the drivers! We ended up assuming that they had lost their minds. However, they wont let go their shouts. Thats how they managed to create false opposition to a constitution which was actually rolled out for us by guys being called names! Little minds endlessly hold on sentimentals. In our case, liars claim to be owners of truth even when the truth refuses to be part of them. Serious truthfull people CANT be the only ones prone to spewing wicked names. Truthfull people DONT resort to mischief to remain politically relevant. They sell their ideas to the people and let them decide. Serious moral people dont spew falsehoods to fool gullible population, they give ideas to make the country forward. Only conmen purport to say that yester-year Kanu, of which they were its secretary generals, was worse than a banned organization! And only conmen resort to cooking up stories to the effect that they joined the party to destroy it from within,- just after they miserably failed to be allowed on the high-table! Only conmen resort to name-calling to attempt create space for themselves. Perhaps, we need to be told how someone moved from crippling tribal-coated doubts to drivership? Perhaps, we need to be told how somebody who just joined in to avoid being left behind and said as much, became the driver. We have allowed do-nothing guys to lie for far too long!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Kigen you are saying things that truly reflect the foul ways of your masters. They never have any shred of civility in addressing issues. Insults and chest thumping are the order of the day. Its not difficult to imagine that you are attempting to dismiss VP Kalonzo as another of your many projects! We are used to that. Your bosses have nothing other than mischiefs in their sleeves. I guess, thats why they have been politically reduced to crowling on their fours. Infact, without fake opinion polls that have seen them break world record, for supposedly leading continuously for over 5 years now, a feat never witnessed anywhere on earth!, he would be history by now. And he is purportedly at the top of the pack, while there is nothing to show for it. Since assuming one of the most powerful and unchallenged offices in the land, there is no single idea or project that can be associated with him. However, we are repeatedly told that stagnant man is our avenue to success! Surely, even a legless person can plausibly pretend that he can break world record in 100m sprint! Need we add that, corrupting people to put you in the lead through fake opinion polls wont get him elected.
    Brother VP Kalonzo and brother Mudavadi know PM Raila pretty well, having worked with him for very long time indeed. They therefore know that the guy simply represents hypocrisy and undiluted deceit. Beyond that, is utter emptiness marked by all sorts of insults. Infact, they do know that Raila’s world is in a fast reducing trend. I guess, VP Kalonzo was only being diplomatic. Otherwise, someone else would have used bad but correct language. Anyhow, what would be Raila without lies and false feats? Kenyans are alot wiser now than ever before. They are not going to be fooled by inactive individuals who spew abscenities to keep relevant. Remove false “fight for us,” meaning tribal failed coup, faking fight for multi-partyism while not even near the scene and false giver of constitution from Raila’s menu and you would be left wondering who he is, if not a fraud! Is he not the same character that has been introducing every malignant in our political field? Thats brings up another question: would anyone who has been given power to read, after first going through “critical thinking”, stoop that low? And how come a person who is ever willing to involve in an ever unending self-praise is unable to release his education records? We can only assume that they are not there at all. IFurthermore in former East Germany, now part of larger Germany, there are no records in any university that has his name? Did he use a different name or never saw an inside of a college?

      1. @Beloved King: I have noticed over time, that Odm supporters including their idol, resort to insults whenever they are overwhelmed by truth. This situation had been very pervasive untill only recently. Thank God Almighty that we have managed to tear in to shreds that mischief. Kenyans had been fed with false feats for far too long! Its time to go by facts and issues alone. When your mouth is left ajar by facts tabled, you should search for truth. You dont need to turn to drunken insults, for that only goes along way to confirm to Kenyans that they had been conned, if not exposed to fraudsters!!!!

        1. Kwessi Pratt! Anybody who told you to be yourself simply couldn’t have given you worse advice… You write allot of rubbish, nonsense yet u claim to be smart! Brains aren’t everything. In fact in your case they’re nothing….If brains were taxed, you’d get a rebate. You are perfectly an idiot. Just read whatever u write or post and in whichever spirit you are someone possessed with demons of deceit and defamation.

          1. @Beloved King: I can feel that burst of bitterness in you! Truth is too crippling, especially when you are trying to protect the “unclean.” Its a tall order. But all the same, insults belong to their owners. They know what they what they mean and what purpose they serve for them. Perhaps, your idol is going to win with landslide because of insults!!!!

  3. As a Kenyan i am sad reading this blog! it is talking about individuals and analysis of the past it does not tell us where to go? as a youth where do i fit in the age gap of the people mentioned herein..who does not make alarmist… how are you when you mention tribes in your blog? we need to look at the future in order to remove this kind of tribal/individualistic classification ending in deeper hatred among the Kenyans….sorry sir we need to have the country at heart not individuals.

  4. We know very well that the two are under firm instructions to deliver
    their tribal votes to Mr Uhuru Kenyatta or neutralize them not to
    benefit any other presidential candidate who can pose a threat to the
    Gatundu South MP….upuzi..ulijuaje? r u a project too?

    1. @Kenyan: You are only employing escapist tactics. Kenyans are alot wiser now than ever before. To imagine that by attempting to pin names on others you are going to win, is to fool yourself. Kenyans know whats truly good for them.

  5. is rather bizzare to call Kalonzo and Musalia an elitist..Wow..the choice of words very naive and rather copied from USA election furore.. Anyway nothing wrong with being an elitist..I am sure neither Kalonzo nor Musalia really that title..To be an elite is to be well-informed,knowledgeable and adventurous so why not be.. mr.Kigen..

    1. elitism: The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

      1. @Jack_Abondo: And that CANT be said of VP Kalonzo, whose only crime was to run away with trophy. We had to criminalize passing in between after we repeatedly and arrogantly ignored his warnings! Perhaps, those who faked feats
        and rigidly held on them can be accused of that. VP Kalonzo has conducted best politics in this country. His achievements speak for themselves. He is also the most humble of all. However, jealousy folks, if not conmen, have been on overdrive to soil his examplary public life.

  6. Kenyans do suffer due to self-imposed imprison..ethnic tribal back know nothing politicians all of whom have no idea of the real-working of 101 leadership techniques,management,economics or sound public policy… KENYANS YOU DESERVE IT..SILLY LITTLE TRIBAL MINDS

  7. And how many years has Kalonzo been in parliament? he was enjoying the goodies from his teacher, moi, when Raila was languishing in prison to liberate Kenyans from the hands of dictatorship whi the Water/Mavimelon so much praised!

    1. @Mr. GOO: Stop beating about the bush! PM Raila and VP Kalonzo have single digit years difference in their stay in parliament. Raila has been having unchallenged power for the last 5 years. But there is nothing to show for it! Not even a single idea! VP Kalonzo has become international peace maker and has come up with all ideas on the table. I guess, we dont give him any credit because he hasnt incited people against riot police and cowardly taken off when they charged!

        1. @Evans “evago” Agolla: Free education, 24 hour economy, 2000/= for our old folks and presidential debate all his. Anyone else close to that other than the empty incoherent shouting? Do I need to say more?

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