After the alliances, time to discern boys from men


In the last few days Kenyans have witnessed a frenzy of party activities and highly powered, emotive political gatherings where alliances were created and some broken.

The political activities reached a crescendo on December 4 when parties finally deposited their coalition agreements with the Registrar of Political Parties as the countdown to March 4, 2013 General Election began in earnest.

TNA was the first party to enter into a coalition agreement with URP which was sealed by thousands of supporters at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru, and later with UDF before the expiry of the deadline.

TNA is setting the pace in Kenyan politics because it has a great vision for this country and has leaders committed to excellence and with solid track records.

It has now formed a formidable coalition that is unbeatable not just because it has the numbers but because it is an alliance of great ideas that will transform this country into an economic powerhouse and a haven of peace.

The joining of forces of URP, UDF and TNA has created The Jubilee Alliance that represents the face of Kenya, with leaders bubbling with energy and ready and willing to start the hard work of nation building.

The biggest motivation for TNA joining an alliance with URP was to foster peace and security in a country that has been scarred by post election violence.

By bringing the two communities that have a history of bloody clashes, TNA and URP were sending a clear and loud message to Kenyans and the rest of the world that they are committed to seeing all Kenyans live in peace and harmony. Like their leaders have said never again should neighbour turn against neighbour. Kenyans should live in peace and embrace each other as brother and sister.

As the dust settles on building of alliances, Kenyans are now asking what next? Kenyans want to know what the parties and new alliances are offering them after the excitement brought about by the alliances.

TNA has developed a blue print that will be streamlined with those of URP and UDF to produce a document that will deliver the promise of unity, peace and prosperity to Kenyans.

For a start, TNA is a liberal nationalist party, we are proud of our national heritage and seek to preserve what is best about Kenya’s history and culture and combine it with a modern, forward looking commitment to individual freedom, social tolerance, and economic progress.

Our vision is guided by our mantra of “Umoja, Uwezo and Usalama” which are the key tenets of the manifesto.

TNA believes in an open society where all Kenyans regardless of tribe, religion, gender or class should live in peaceful co-existence with equality before the law, free from corruption and power devolved down to the lowest level.

In regards to social justice, TNA believes that all people have the right to a job, to a decent home, to access to healthcare and education, to clean running water and to electricity.

TNA is totally committed to the enterprise economy. We believe in a strong market based economy, where individuals are free to create wealth for their families and their country.

TNA believes in individual freedom, where Kenyans are free to enjoy their freedoms as they respect freedoms of others. TNA believes in a socially tolerant traditionalism with respect for individuals’ personal rights and freedoms but also recognition of their responsibilities to their family, community and nation.

TNA is committed to protecting the environment because we want sustainable development for the country. TNA believes in harnessing Kenya’s natural resources for the good of its citizens while preserving the richness and diversity of our natural heritage for today’s population and generations to come.

On nationhood, TNA believes in a strong Kenya. It wants to see an independent country that is part of the global village, and benefits culturally and economically but is free to chart its own course. TNA believes in the sovereignty of Kenya and would urge other countries and individuals to respect the country’s right to self determination and avoid interfering on internal matters.

It is this regard that the party takes great exception with countries and foreigners that have been trying to impose leaders on Kenyans and threatening to deny Kenyans the right to freely choose their leaders.

We have seen statements attributed to individuals purporting to advise Kenyans on whom they should vote for and who they should not. This to us is a gross violation of our sovereignty and an abuse to Kenyans who have in past elected individuals of their choice as their leaders.

(The writer is the Director of communications of The National Alliance – TNA.

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