Adequate reliable and modern energy services critical


We have received insights and recommendations covering the entire spectrum of the energy sector covering energy policy, legal and regulatory framework, energy economics and finance, engineering and geo-science, drilling technology, power generation, grid extension, renewable energy and climate change.

I confirm that my Ministry will do its very best to implement these recommendations. We specifically undertake to
(i) Extend and improve electricity transmission & distribution network in the city of Nairobi at a cost of Kshs.5 billion;
(ii) Shall accelerate the construction of a new pipeline from Mombasa to Nairobi, and extend pipeline from Nakuru to Isiolo to serve central and Northern Kenya.
(iii) We shall accelerate construction of fuel storage tanks at Konza, Nairobi, Nakuru, Isiolo and Garissa, through private sector participation.
(iv) We shall accelerate the search for oil and gas in onshore and offshore blocks.
(v) We shall accelerate exploitation of Coal in Mui Basin in Kitui County, taking into account the interests of the local community;
(vi) We shall accelerate the project to use water hyacinth in Lake Victoria for electricity generation;
(vii) We shall accelerate replacement of kerosene lamps with solar lamps under the Kerosene free Kenya Project;
(viii) We shall accelerate private sector investments in the energy sector especially in Wind and Geothermal power generation projects;
(ix) We shall work with Treasury and other stakeholders to develop new financial mechanisms for giving investment guarantees to the power sector.
(x) We shall continue to expand our transmission and distribution network and connect more than 1 million new customers to electricity by 2012.
(xi) We shall seek long term contracts with oil producing countries, and reduce inefficiencies in the petroleum distribution chain with a view to reducing the high petroleum prices.

We shall do all these things because we believe that provision of adequate, and reliable modern energy services is the critical enabler, driver and catalyst of Kenya’s rapid socio-economic transformation.

We have been told a lot about the Asian Tigers. I believe that the critical success factor in the rapid economic transformation of China, Singapore, and Malaysia has been their VISIONARY, HANDS-ON and NO- NONSENSE LEADERSHIP. The economic miracles there could not happen without Dieng Xiaopeng, Lee Kwan Yu, and Dr. Mahtir Mohammed.

The critical success factor for timely delivery of our energy projects and the rapid industrializing of this country lies in our political leadership.

There is too much incoherent, contradictory diversionary noise and confusion in Kenyan Politics. The investors are waiting for 2012, to see whether we shall have a peaceful election. But mere winning of a Presidential election is not a guarantee for change. We can perpetuate the paralysis of the Status quo.

For us to realize vision 2030, Kenya requires a firm, focused, and no-nonsense leader with a passion for reform and a vision of a rapid economic transformation of our country.

As you know, the Prime Minister is at the fore-front of the struggle for the Green Energy Revolution in Kenya and beyond. He is spearheading the Paris-Nairobi Initiative which is seeking to unlock climate change funds for green energy project in Africa.

As a Ministry, we are sincerely grateful to him. He is always there for us, always giving us the necessary push and support. It is the late Wamalwa Kijana, who said that Kenyans were suffering either from Raila-Mania or Raila-Phobia.

Those who like Raila are fanatical about him. Those who dislike him do so with a lot of passion. But one fact we cannot deny: Raila is a heroic charismatic and inspirational leader, committed to a radical economic transformation of this country.

For many years, the Prime Minister and I have been involved in a difficult struggle against tyranny and dictatorship in this country.

This war has been won with the enactment of the new constitution. Time has now come for us to create a new political momentum that will unite Kenyans and re-energize them for a radical economic transformation of this country.

Murungi made these remarks at the closing of the 2nd National Energy Conference.

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