A priceless lesson

By Peter Kenneth

I want to take a moment to salute a very special and brave group of individuals- the Kenyans who would not let their fellow countrymen die at the hands of terrorists in Mandera.

When confronted by terror they chose to be patriots, in the face of real danger they chose to shun division and honour our common humanity. It really is a remarkable story.

I am personally humbled by the example of Mandera because that was not an easy. Those men and women have taught us that unity is stronger than anything and that when push comes to shove no division and no label is worth the taking of life.

These are exceptional Kenyans. We should all be inspired; we should all be challenged and we should all proud that there are among us people of such remarkable spirit and unimpeachable character.


Let us learn from them and remain Kenyans in the face of any and all challenges.

God Bless them. And God Bless Kenya

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