• Mutindajose

    this article is grt,thanks

  • Kimathi Felix

    soo!! on point. Great article.
    But it does not fully answer how we should communicate to the younger ones effectively. We were told the same thing but clearly, we did not listen, how can we make it more effective to reduce the abuse of sex.

  • This is one of the best articles i have read this year !!

  • seijune

    Good staff

  • so is a gift from God n we should be responsible

  • job

    however much anyone tries to convince him/herself there’s a guilt that comes with sex b4 marriage, when u marry u dont care whether pple think u had sex, sex has its place, awesome article!

  • Am still confused about the subject

  • sex is sacred gift from God and everyone has got the right to enjoy it. however as a right it comes with the responsibilities and its limitations which are also next to the consequences. so as you you have sex sex enjoying every bit of it be ready to enjoy bearing with the products

  • katemba

    sex has become the order of  the day.i used to think,or lemme rephrase my sentence.i do believe that you can only have sex with the one person that you may not have to wait until you wed,but at least do it with someone that you love and not just short,theres nothing like having friends with are either doing it smone you love or you are just messing up.

  • Anonymous

    like Katemba said Sex has become the order of the day and many out there are doing it at their own pleasure…
    which is wrong

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