• Paul Njoroge

    wow,I want to date an athlete! hehe

  • George Hassan

    Very funnhy

  • Philli porwa

    Wololo, Kumbe

  • Christyjamesjames

    Thats cool. I now know how to look

  • Olayo George

    I like this. And do you know I knew this long before I chose mine ? Let no man who has hooked up with one change his mind. The only solution   is to encourage her to exercise more. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Gotdamn! This must be the reason Catherine Ndereba is always so jolly yet tired looking! Orgasms galore! 

  • Ooh….okay sawa sawa!!

  • Eyesark

    galenchin chics are the way to go,lol

    • Atefeh28


  • Kennethkithinji

    No wonder my girlfriend has such strong orgasms…she strides like a giraffe.

  • Wally

    Hhmm, athelete or specifically a long jump or triple jumper.

  • Fmuthanga

    No body should be believe in this crap!

  • Anonymous

    I got long strides…….thats very true,  from experience

  • Jen

    Bull crap!

    • fezzoh

      i agree

  • Theo

    No wonder my former used to have an experience

  • Korirrobert


  • Ndwigaal

    With the benefit of hindsight, that research is the greatest waste of time ever

  • Two months too late but i like the the ending;orgasm profiling

  • Wmurigu

    Sorry Fmuthanga, I guess you made an irreversible wrong choice.

  • now we know hehehe

  • This is not soo true,unless they meant as they were walking but not in bed

  • Jakamaa

    U scientists should have done this homework much earlier on b4 i made my bet.

  • Muhumuza

    What about the strength of clitoral orgasms, I want to conduct such a study

  • wawawa i will change

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