• Occhii

    how about a hybrid of Motherly Mama and go-getter

  • Anonymous

    Pahahahaha! I have dated all these women except Holy Jane…once again your article is so on point…

  • I like i like it.My Ribs are aching so much.Ul pay for this.Hehehehe.

  • Anonymous

    Legal disclaimer on behalf of my client:
    Some souls may be unfortunate enough to be confronted by rather unpleasant hybrids of the above described characters. My client, Ms. L. Ife, shall not bear any responsibility for such occurrence.

  • Waruingi Patrick

    Keep it up girl, but write more on the femme fatalle woman,  Highly intelligent attractive and ultimately dangerous, Kudos.

  • Cee

    Ha ha ha..very funny! i clearly know what i am and what all my gals are..very well put!

  • Pattie

    i believe you can have two traits cause wawa i see me in 2 places……

  • Mama

    imagine the hoodrat on her wedding day,this may go two ways,either she’ll get dolled up and look preety gorgeous or she’ll appear in sports shoes and a hooded jacket!nice article.

  • hellen

    haha…Miss Frugal

  • Patriot

    You will find at least 6 of these traits in every Kenyan woman

  • Shish Maria

    miss frugal independent……dats me

    • wanja

      dats me too

  • mimi

    ai i am nowhere on this list

  • Muriuki Baru

    who the comes up with this lists? I should write one titled ‘different kinds of columnists’

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