We have nothing in common; leave us alone


By Aden Duale

One of the core principles of the Jubilee Alliance is democratic leadership based on mutual respect and absolute commitment to non-violence and the peaceful settlement of controversies.

The United Republican Party is a key driver of this foundational commitment.

We have been consistent and categorical about our pledge never to allow political competition or, indeed, any other disagreement degenerate to violence and bloodshed.

URP is proud to be part of a leadership that has taken the lessons of 2007-2008 to heart.

That is why URP spares no effort to maintain civilised political discourse at all times. We have held PEACEFUL nominations as a party, and ALL our candidates PEACEFULLY contested the last General Election.

Our party has always held PEACEFUL caucuses as well as public rallies. We take our commitment to peace and national cohesion very seriously, and will continue our pledge to deliver leadership committed to PEACE.

This is why we take great exception to the disingenuous slander perpetrated by ODM, vainly trying to connect recent disgraceful acts of political violence and lawlessness to URP.

These despicable acts have been perpetrated in ODM/CORD strongholds or in connection with ODM agenda and initiatives. It is now a dismaying political reality that ODM is desperately addicted to political lawlessness and violence.

To ODM, hired thugs, mayhem and bloodshed are indispensable components of nominations, elections, meetings or rallies. ODM cannot escape responsibility for their notorious tradition of violence by pointing fingers at URP or other civilised organisations.

Kenyans have lost patience with the recklessness of ODM, which tries to evade responsibility for violence through lies.

We do not know which is worse: perpetrating mayhem, or compounding it with false witness.

It is time for ODM to judiciously examine itself and see if it is satisfied with its unappealing traditions. ODM has an opportunity to mature into responsible, sober and democratic leadership, which will make its followers and the people of Kenya proud. ODM must desist from attempts to delude itself by seeking a scapegoat in URP, or anyone else.

URP was born out of a principled rejection of ODM’s culture of repression, intolerance, corruption and violence.
ODM is obsessed with URP due to fear and envy. We have nothing in common. ODM must leave us alone.

Hon Aden Duale, EGH is the Majority Leader of the National Assembly

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