Just come and visit your Grandma, Obama!



I know that Kenyans have moved on from the disappointing news that US president Barrack Obama will not be gracing the green city in the sun with a visit.

I also know that his feet will not set foot in the great city by the lake, wherein his roots lie. There is nothing we can do about that other than blog and discuss it on different forums.

But it would have been easier to understand Obama’s decision to skip Kenya if he did not have relations here.

And the fact that his paternal Grandma lives in Kenya, makes it difficult to understand how he can make a stop in the neighborhood and completely ignore her.

That is completely un-African.

The least he can do is pay homage to her through a face-to-face meet up.

Even in these days when technology is advanced, I am not sure Skyping with her would be enough – he has to come and say hi.

Obama might not identify with his African roots but it is still important for him to pay homage to his grandmother perhaps over some omena and the traditional brew achwaka.

Then he will become a true jakom.

It is a fact that Obama is a Kenyan whose fate changed while living in the US so there should be no debate about his coming back home.

That is what is expected of him.

He doesn’t even have to fly in through the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport because the lakeside has its own international airport and Kogelo is not far off.

I’m sure Grandma’ Sarah would be relived to see her grandson come back to his roots while his uncles will be eager to celebrate the seed planted by one of their own.

His cousins will also be glad to see their long lost cousin and I bet they will lay a red carpet for him or do whatever it takes for him to feel at home.

Obama bi dala, yawa!

(Cyrus Kamau is the Managing Director, Capital Group Limited. Views expressed here do not neccesarily represent Capital’s position)

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