Mudavadi concedes defeat, urges peace




I want to thank all of you for all the support you have given to me in
this year’s elections and indeed over the period of campaigns while
running for the Presidency of the Republic of Kenya.

I thank you for keeping the peace as preached by the Amani Coalition
throughout the campaign period.

To my supporters, you did your best and as in every competition there
will be a winner. We are not that winner for now and I appeal to you
to keep the faith as we look to the future with hope.

We must now join other Kenyans and be part of building our
institutions in accordance with the new Constitution for the country
to move on. We want to all move ahead and write a new, brighter
chapter in our country’s history.

This election has been a living demonstration of universal and popular
democracy at its highest and noblest levels. So far, Kenyans have had
their say without fear, favour or ethnic or regional strife. As a
result, our democratic experiment under the new Constitution is much
stronger today than it was just a few weeks ago.

Consequently I appeal to IEBC to also do everything possible not to be
seen to cause anxiety or to precipitate contention on the final
results through acts of omission or commission in the tallying of

This election has not been about an individual. This election has been
about all Kenyans making their leadership choices for the country. Up
to this point, it is clear the choice of Kenyans for the presidency is
between two formations – the Jubilee and Cord coalitions.

I have spoken to my colleagues Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. I have
congratulated them on their excellent performance so far.

The gist of our conversation has been to impress on them the need to
ensure that we remain peaceful and that the country is not ruptured by
whichever way the outcome of the ongoing presidential tally goes.

I have pointed out to them that all of us may have misgivings about
some issues in the conduct of elections. However, Kenya is bigger than
the sum total of presidential candidates and our supporters’ wishes. I
have therefore reminded them that we made a pledge to the country to
keep the peace whatever the outcome of the elections.

I have also indicated to them that there is a very uneasy calm that
wholly dependents on their ability to manage emotions of their
supporters moving into the final announcement by IEBC.

Furthermore, I have particularly requested my brothers Raila and Uhuru
not to allow any statements from within their ranks that will be
misconstrued and hence lead to break-up of the prevailing civic order.

I have assured them of my full support and that of all my supporters
across the country in this endeavour for peace.

Thank you very much and God bless our country.

UDF/Amani Presidential Candidate

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