Elections and nominations must never divide us – Raila



We have come to the end of very complex and fiercely competitive election primaries.

On behalf of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy, I wish to congratulate all those who sought our ticket, those who won and those who were not successful.

The huge interest in the party’s ticket was clearly a manifestation of the strong desire for change and the belief that CORD is the force for change in the country.

I look forward to working very closely with all the winners to ensure we secure a decisive victory on March 4th.

We also have a role for all those who have not been able to secure victory in the primaries.

My word to all of them is that we need everybody on board. Let all of us join hands now, the winners and those they beat, to campaign for our victory on March 4th.

My congratulations go also to those who secured tickets on other parties; Jubilee, Amani, Narc-Kenya, and all the others. They all have contributed to the democratization of our country and they will have a role in shaping our nation going forward.

To all the people of Kenya, I urge calm and reconciliation now that the primaries are over.

I wish to see an end to all hostilities that may have arisen out of the strong demand for the various tickets.

Elections and nominations must never divide us or make us go to war. They should strengthen our march towards democracy and national unity.

I appeal to our worthy competitors to embrace peace as we enter the final stretch of this campaign.

Let us focus on issues, not personalities. Let us focus on what is good for our country, not what would work for tribes and regions.

Let us mobilise votes on a national and not a tribal agenda.

Let us secure votes through policies and not bribery or intimidation. I appeal to our citizens to reject leaders who want to buy leadership using money and other aspects of bribery.

Kenya’s future must not be compromised with money.

I want to make a special appeal to our citizens to create an enabling environment for our female candidates in this campaign.

Nobody should use violence, blackmail, intimidation or any other crude means against female candidates.

A number of young men and women have also won tickets to run for various positions.

We must equally accord them support and create and sound environment for them to compete fairly and freely.

Finally, I ask all Kenyans to maintain the peace during this campaign and after. Let all of us come out and vote in the historic exercise on March 4th.

(Odinga, the Prime Minister of Kenya, is the CORD presidential candidate)

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