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Kenyans should treat Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka’s outburst calling on Prime Minister Raila Odinga to retire together with President Mwai Kibaki and pave the way for younger leaders, with the contempt it deserves.

It is important to note that the VP’s odd call made in Mumias town at the end of his tour of Western has stark similarity with the one made by his latest alliance partner Musalia Mudavadi at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru early this year during his first rally after defecting from the ODM in suspect circumstances.

From the onset Kenyans have always suspected that the Vice President and the Deputy Prime Minister (Mr Mudavadi) are mere puppets for a powerful cartel which has hired and commissioned them to play political spoilers in exchange for money.

We know very well that the two are under firm instructions to deliver their tribal votes to Mr Uhuru Kenyatta or neutralize them not to benefit any other presidential candidate who can pose a threat to the Gatundu South MP.

The twin claim to youthful leadership and third force into the next presidential race is a mere smokescreen to hoodwink unsuspecting wananchi after it became evident to their communities (Kamba and Luhyia) that their godfathers at State House were just using them to fight a tribal war to benefit Uhuru Kenyatta.

How come the VP never issued such statements before and while on a tour of other parts of the country, only to erupt with it in Mudavadi’s Western backyard. Could the two be merely reciting a crammed script forced onto them by their paymasters?

It should go on record that the Prime Minister is more youthful and focused than the two who have increasingly proved to be failed Politicians who are never their own man ever since they ventured into politics almost 20 years ago.

As it is commonly known, age is just but a number. What matters is one’s character and ideas and not the number of years one has, hence the need for Kenyan voters to fix their sights on real issues affecting the country and not shallow considerations like a candidate’s age.

Mr Musyoka should be reminded that Kenyans are not foolish to be swayed by propaganda and alarmist statements to support a joint ticket having him as president and Mudavadi as running mate.

The two are known to be indecisive, weak, elitist and politically incompetent and no Kenyan will entrust them with national leadership.

(Micah Kigen is the National Chairman – FORA)

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