Relentless British, French and US airstrikes since Saturday have been targeting Gadhafi’s air defenses and command-and-control structures in a bid to protect civilians under the terms of a UN resolution.All in the name of implementing the” no-fly zone…”
The strikes also provide cover for a ragtag band of rebels, outgunned by pro-regime forces, who are seeking to oust Gadhafi after more than four decades in power.whats is worrying me most is at what point are you a civilian????. Are the armed rebels civilians or fighters???The world’s top cocoa grower has been paralyzed by a power struggle stand-off following a November election. U.N.-certified results showed that opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara won but they were overturned by a top legal body and incumbent Laurent Gbagbo has resisted calls to step down.what action has been taken against Gbagbo ???? or because they US have an option of choosing to have tea over cocoa thats why the decided to go for the pricey fuel from Libya. Honestly the coalition forces led by the US are not to anything good but the FUEL.and committing crimes against humanity.
whats your take on this guys??


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