• PreciousRamotswe

    Men claim they can do what women do. Why don’t they extend the same sentiments to the kitchen?

    • maingi

      its women who say what men can do they can do better. we can cook but why cook when there’s someone to do it. i can assure you, we men can’t starve ourselves

    • Mazzdark

      Men have NEVER made any such claim…why would they?

  • Kassim

    It seems to me that you are hanging around the wrong men.

    I am a good cook and I can’t pick out anyone from my circle of friends who doesn’t know how to make a good meal… and no, I’m not talking about grilling meat!

  • Afro

    “In woman speak, we have no problems leaving you with the kids for a weekend. At least the kids will be fed and we can take some time off to relax. And we get to brag about you to our friends!!!”…….and this is supposed to be a good thing, right??

  • Tutajaribu…

  • I guess I am one very lucky lady since all the men I have dated knew how to cook and not just the basics but pull some spectacular dishes while at it.

  • Free Spirit

    I totally agree…cooking just that once will have me going out of my way for him..well….a bit

  • Mazzdark

    I can cook up a storm

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