Kenyans in Dubai


I do not know the number of Kenyans living in Dubai right now, but as one of them, i also have done things am not proud of.
I have been appalled to find that there are more and more crimes done here from Kenyans and sometimes I feel embarrassed to say am from Kenya. We are now stereotyped to be criminals to the point it is very hard for some of us to get a residency visa. I know Kenyans are the most hardworking and smartest people around. I see Kenyans walking around, passing resumes and as soon as I greet them to know they are from where I am I feel happy and glad.
I try to help out my brothers and sisters with recruitment companies and job sites if they happen to be new in Dubai. As a Kenyan, i feel its is my duty and privilege to help others. And now am gushing.
We have now been portrayed as thieves, murderers and prostitutes. I cant tell you how many times I have gone to a pub and been refused entry. You cannot drink at home without a drinking permit thus the pubs and discos The first thing they ask is, “Are you Kenyan?” and I ask back, “why should that matter? I am here to enjoy a drink and go home.” only to get a very popular trademark answer, “you need a reservation to get into a pub.” First thought is, ‘is he serious?’ Honestly speaking, I have never been this profiled in my life. I have been called a nigger by the policeman only to have him have a case against me because I verbally told him to go and …. himself. I might have been wrong to do that but now I have a court date waiting for me. Who knows what will happen to me but the court will never believe me. I am sure about that. Dubai, is very racial and I have my other Kenyans and other countries who say the same. I am proud to be a Kenyan. I came here to study, work and go back home to do good for my country, but if this is how we are going to be treated, Dubai can keep its city and sky scrapers. I would gladly live in Bombolulu and the slums happy and proud any time.

  • Thumbs up to IU for the great move.

  • Thanx proff we love you

  • Mathew

    “I know Kenyans are the most hardworking and smartest people around.” – Ha! You made me almost choke on my breakfast, from 12 hours ago! Have you been living under a rock?

  • Kimani John

    look here in most of African Countries you dont even dare say you are a kenya ???????????? espeacially ladies.. very good very good for being number 1 (One) prostitutes… 90% percent of prostitutes in southern Sudan are Kenyan ladies… that is how bad we are ! believe it !!!!!! next time time your sister or your mother tells you she is selling spare parts for vehicles or selling cloths ???????? ahhh! ! jut know she is a prostitute PERIOD. we are here and know what goes around with our kenyan people…
    Wake-up kenyans and stop being immoral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennifer

    Sad how Kenyan men describe their women. Tell me where in this world you do not find prostitutes. Again Kimani learn to appreciate your own coz your own happen to be Kenyans. I hate people like you who only seem to see the negatives.
    You are talking about Sudan yet their own are equally filthy in Kenya. It seems you have not done enough of traveling. Anyway, the editor was trying to help the ones still out there in making decisions, am not sure where your topic about prostitution came from.
    Learn to honour you homeland and it will also respect you.

  • Patriot

    A dream woman is like Luhya Unity, everybody is looking for her

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