Just tune to any radio station and get a sweet inviting voice and perhaps a topic captivating and just what was on your mind. wait a little and there goes on a top chart aware winning music and its an already own custody you are. then later on, a question with an increasing prize money daily that then stand at sh 20,000/=. then a premium phone number is given and the circuit get going round people calling. Its not the competition or the gambling that is faulty but impropriety and unethical practice by some radio stations staff to extend outright theft and rigging into selection and aware of those gifts. some stations have vacated their primary role of informing, educating, and entertaining to that of gambling and betting and thus getting to raise or kill some people’s hope and ‘investments’. concerned ministry, media owners, media council, betting control and licensing council all should introduce guideline and regulations that may save the broadcasting industry from invasion by crooks

  • GK

    How do they resolve expenses (pvt leisure with a fling) and notion of financial union. Is it deducted from the private leisure budget ?

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