Britain has its own Kalonzo


Apart from the very obvious parallels of the orange colour, Britain’s Liberal Democrats are very similar to our very own Orange Democratic Movement – Kenya (ODM K).

Nick Clegg and Kalonzo Musyoka are the kingmakers. They are the men who garnered few votes in an election, yet they want to “pitia katikati yao” into powerful positions in government.

In the just concluded elections in Britain, the two main rivals came out totally bruised. Gordon Brown led his Labour party to the one parliamentary defeat in recent times, while David Cameron and his Conservatives did not convince enough Britons to hand them a majority in the House of Commons.

Oh, isn’t the unfolding drama in Edward Clay’s homeland amusing? I wonder what Sir Clay is saying now. Who is vomiting on whose shoes, huh?

I think there is some evil in this orange colour. It should be banned from use by any political party in the world. I mean, look at Kenya where violence wrecked livelihoods because of a political contest between blue (PNU) and orange (ODM + ODM-K).

In Ukraine, the Orange revolution ground an entire nation to a halt. The resultant government did not even last until the next election. The recent polls in that country drove the last nail into the orange coffin.

And now, we have the orange Britons (Lib Dems) who took the nation and the desperate conservatives through a weekend of never-ending talks only to turn around and start negotiations with Labour on Monday.

Reminds one of an auction, doesn’t it?

But forget the auction for now.  Why has Brown taken so long to vacate No. 10 Downing Street?  I would have expected to hear the United States, the EU and possibly the African Union condemn in the strongest terms the refusal by this man (who was never chosen by the British people in the first place) to vacate office despite a clear indication that the electorate had rejected him.

I recall headlines in the UK media saying there was a squatter in Downing Street.  The squatter has pulled a fast one Conservatives and will relinquish the leadership of Labour to someone more acceptable so that the party remains in office.  If this was in Africa, that squatter would have been labeled a dictator.  Isn’t it?  or should I say ‘innit’ Like the Brits?

All in all, however, I am glad this hullabaloo is unfolding as Kenyans still debate the Proposed Constitution. I hope the UK events put paid the desires of those who were clamouring for a parliamentary system in Kenya.

Can you imagine how ugly the scenes would be right now in a country where political parties are formed on a tribal basis?

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