This world overflows with double standards


Human beings, by their very nature are very hypocritical. Why do we apply double standards so easily?

France is in the process of imposing a law that will ban muslim women residing in that country from wearing the buibui (burqa) in public. The romantic French argue that covering yourself from top to toe is not in line with their culture.

I must say that I respect the French for acknowledging the importance of practicing and protecting their culture, even by law if need be.

In fact today if you decided to live in France, you would be required to sign a contract acknowledging that polygamy and FGM are not in line with their culture and therefore you shall not practice them.

Tres bien, mes amie!

Not a single country in the West has spoken out against the burqa legislation, not withstanding the fact that it forces people to alter a lifestyle that is imposed by religion. It seems that everybody has accepted this to be France’s internal affair.

Now come to Africa, and more specifically Uganda. A big number of people there feel that homosexuality goes against Ugandan culture, and there is a Bill proposing stiff penalties for those who behave in this un-African way.

This Bill proposes the death penalty for one who has homosexual relations with a minor, or knowingly transmits – sexually – HIV to somebody of the same sex.

And that is where the Western world finds its voice. President Barack Obama has described the proposed legislation as ‘odious’.  Hilary Clinton has voiced her opposition, and groups such as Human Rights Watch have condemned the Bill, saying it would reverse democratic and human rights gains.

Really? How about the human rights of those who cannot practice their religion fully?

Let’s leave that topic there, and pick another one. On Christmas Day, some rich Nigerian kid was aboard a flight to the US with alleged intentions of blowing it up. The world is in unanimous agreement – this was a terrorist attempt. I concur.

My problem comes when Mrs Clinton blasts Nigeria over the issue. She recently said that Nigeria’s poor leadership and governance was to blame for the radicalisation of the youth.

The alleged terrorist grew up in opulence: His father is a retired chairman of one of the country’s largest banks. He studied in the UK, and while there lived at an upmarket apartment block.

In fact, reports suggest that Umar Abdulmutallab was recruited by terrorist elements in the UK and received training in Yemen, NOT Nigeria on either count. So, why connect Nigeria to this? Why not UK, where radicals preyed on an erstwhile innocent young man?

These double standards suck!

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