No wonder there are not enough officers to protect us


I read with annoyance reports stating how VIPs in Kenya enjoy gigantic protection from the few men and women in the country’s law enforcement agencies.

It is now very clear to me why there is no one left to protect ordinary mortals like you and me.

The current ratio of policemen to Kenyan citizens stands at 1 – 800.  United Nations estimates say the ideal ratio is 1 – 400.

But I can bet my entire life savings that if Kenya were to employ more officers, the VIPs would take up all of them.

Kenya’s politicians live under the illusion that their lives are under constant threat.  That is why most of them even travel with a retinue of bodyguards abroad where most of those they meet do not know, and will never care to know who they are.

Or maybe I am wrong.

One may argue that Kenya’s politicians have amassed such large numbers of enemies that they actually need the substantial protection they enjoy.  Or is the phrase ‘the guilty are always afraid’ true in this case?

I’d go with the latter.

The ability of the law enforcement agencies to deal with crime is seriously wanting and it is infuriating to learn how much our taxes are being used to protect people who already live behind fortified residences, wear bullet proof vests and travel in armoured cars.

I have personally been a victim of night burglary at my home and share in the agony of millions of Kenyans who are subjected to all manner of criminal activity, since the few available officers are busy guarding our VIPs.

I suggest our VIPs give up some of their guards back to national duty since they do not need them.

It is not realistic for a country with 45,000 regular police officers and 22,000 Administration Police officers to surrender almost half of them to politicians and wealthy businessmen. The fact that many of them bribe their way to get extra bodyguards is even more worrying.

And while at it, did I read that there is a plan to give outriders to the Prime Minister?  What for?

While some may argue that he requires the outriders to clear way for him whenever required for consultations by the Head of State, I disagree because I believe he still can make it there on time with the chase cars assigned to him.

Those are luxuries we can ill afford.  I propose that he personally rejects such a proposal (if it indeed exists).  As a matter of fact, there is need to reduce the number of outriders in the Presidential motorcade for a start.

Two outriders are sufficient since the road is cleared for him long before he begins his journey.

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