Enough of this Mungiki menace


When Professor Philip Alston released his interim report on the extra-judicial killings in the country, I expressed my support and sympathies with the police force. Here, I argued that police were merely trying to react to a monster that was just too large for them to handle using the ‘normal judicial processes.’

Back then, almost everybody seemed to sympathise with the murderous Mungiki gang, saying they had been denied justice.

Now, the people of Mathira, Kerugoya, Muranga and the larger Central Kenya have voiced their position on this Mungiki menace. They are fed up. They have vowed to wipe out members of this ragtag militia.

The villagers have now resorted to seeking out suspected Mungiki adherents and lynching them.

And they are right. Remember these thugs started by extorting money at matatu termini. Then, they moved to businesses and finally ended up demanding money from every homestead as ‘protection fees’.

Protection from what, you might ask? Well, protection from the same thugs who would otherwise attack you and rob you, often causing death.

Now, I say enough is enough! Enough of these extortionists and their excuses of disillusionment by the government.

Enough of villagers deciding to kill their sons, cousins, uncles and other relatives in the name of exterminating Mungiki.

Enough of the police being left to deal with the Mungiki menace alone, without proper help from the Judiciary.

Enough of the government assuming that Mungiki is a “passing cloud”, forgetting that it represents serious social flaws in policy.

Enough of politicians from Central province seeing Mungiki as a political and economic tool, to be unleashed at will.

Enough of families protecting their own, pretending not to know that they belong to a killer gang.

Enough of professor Alston spending ten days then scratching the surface by demanding political resignations.

Enough of you reading this article, and every story item that mentions Mungiki and adopting an “it doesn’t affect me” attitude.


Let us now be ready to discuss this problem, and come up with sustainable, long term solutions. Do not wait for the government to do this, for you and I are the government.

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