Kenya needs an Obama


I am a frustrated Kenyan today. Frustrated not because I feel hopeless, but because I am too anxious in anticipation of what I would like to see happen in our country this year.

Let me begin the story with the now too obvious political nightmare of our country. We have a coalition government that can’t stick even on super glue; we have egoistic leaders who are guilty of direct involvement in the 2007 post election violence and we are in dire need of reforms.

That’s the obvious part and perhaps we could live with it like we have so far. But then again, every new day takes us closer to next year’s anticipated constitution referendum, and then the 2012 elections.

That’s the problem.

Our country is in a serious leadership crisis, and judging by our readers’ comments on stories in the past week, it is clear that we are all engrossed in our current bunch of leaders.

On the one hand, we complain about each politician in Parliament and on the other hand we "refuse" to speak of any real alternatives. So, today, why don’t we all "think outside the box" and start talking of other people leading us?

Kenya is in urgent need of an Obama; a leader who galvanizes the masses to focus on the real issues affecting the country. An "outsider" who has a bone to pick with "the politics of Washington"…in this case, a Kenyan who is against the status quo.

We need a leader who will not be pushed by the shadowy power brokers and deal makers who influence government decisions with hopes of cashing in.

Kenya needs a leader who will make us "forget" our misery – the famine, inflation, job losses, tribal animosity, failed leadership – and make us feel "alive" again.

We want to be the most optimistic nation again. We want to be ONE nation that harnesses our diversity, our educated population, our resilience, our creativity, our hospitality, our business acumen, our athleticism…..our "KENYANNESS"!

Kenyans and friends of Kenya, please shift your focus right now from the current leadership, and search within your group of friends for "Obama" because God knows he/she is somewhere there….let’s prop them and make them feel that their moment has come.

Let Obama find a Kenya that is ready to embrace change and a fresh ideology.


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