Stop whining! Enjoy the fruits of your labour


When I attended church on Sunday, the pastor drove home one point.  “It is time Kenyans stop complaining about the quality of their leaders.  We put them in office.  We must now enjoy the fruits of our labour.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Over the years, we have voted in the same fellows into public office only to start nit-picking about one thing gone wrong or other.

But more importantly, we need to re-look at the decay in our society.  I hear people complain about a corrupt police force.  Those policemen corrupt themselves?  It is we, the good citizens of Kenya that have perpetuated corruption.

We are the ones who pay bribes to speed up services; the very ones who are fond of overlapping on the roads during the so-called ‘rush-hour.’

My advice to those who appear more in a hurry than the rest of us is,…. leave your home an hour earlier!

It’s the simple things that matter that we need to change in Kenyan society.  Learn to wait your turn at the sinks at Kosewe’s.  If the light is red on Kenyatta Avenue and there are no cars from the opposite lane, do not jump the lights.

In other parts of the world, drivers wait at the lights even if it’s at midnight.  In the event you don’t, the speed cameras will snap your number plates and you’ll get a bill in the post office which you will dutifully pay to avoid losing points on your driving licence.

In cities like London, they have bus lanes to ensure public transport stays on the move.  Private motorists are barred from using these lanes.  The buses are fitted with cameras to ‘catch’ errant motorists.  Wayward drivers part with a substantial amount of pounds to ensure they do not repeat this evil.

There are no conductors on London’s buses and you pick your ticket before boarding.  Once in a while ‘smart’ foreigners dodge paying the fare especially in the bendy buses.  But when inspectors do their impromptu searches, it costs more than 20 times the normal fare.
I laughed at how this system could be abused in Kenya.  I bet everyone in the buses would be on a free ride!

As we wait for the good minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Mr Mutula Kilonzo to install CCTV camera’s and hopefully speed cameras in the city, we can start by observing etiquette on the roads and in queues.

In the meantime, we must put up with the leaders we voted for until 2012.  If you are expecting one of the groups will walk out of the Grand Coalition, resulting in a by- election you are in for a grand long wait.  And even if there were to be a by-election, there would be no one to conduct it.

Our leaders in their wisdom – or lack of it – decided to annihilate the Electoral Commission of Kenya and have now taken a break before setting up a new team to manage the country’s electoral process.
But like I said, we are stuck with them (for now).  Let’s enjoy the fruits of placing them in public office.

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