10th Parliament’s last wish was preposterous!


I am one of many Kenyans who are glad that the term of the current Parliament has ended.

There are times when you exhale and thank God this is over; it has had its best days but the lows have been creeping in as their tenure came to an end characterized by greed, selfishness and ignorance of the mood of the people of Kenya.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in someone’s mind when it comes to rational decision making. We voted in a new constitution to ensure there are no shenanigans in all arms of government but the blatant misuse of power vested in the just ended Parliament is wanting.

The feeling I have is that some of the perks that the MPs have awarded themselves are more comical than serious. Take, for instance, the State funeral funeral; what is the rationale and what’s the value? they also want armed security throughout their lifetime. The big question is what will they be guarding, is it great secrets that they carry that we do not want to lose or what? I need help!

Businesses usually award bonuses to employees or dividends to shareholders after a great year of performance whose record is undoubted. I am still to be convinced why the Sh9m per sitting MP is worthy after we accommodated a bloated pay for the last five years as compared to peers worldwide. My inkling is that the pay was inclusive of a retirement package from the beginning.

As a country we have been struggling to market Kenya to Kenyans and other people worldwide. We want people to visit the country and see the flora and fauna that the country is blessed with.

Rather than give diplomatic passports to persons who have no nation building inclination, I would suggest that we waive park fees to our national parks to all our esteemed Members of Parliament for a lifetime to encourage them in contributing to our motto, Kenya for Kenyans.

Lastly we have hailed his Excellency Mwai Kibaki’s legacy. Indeed he joins the wall of fame for having turned around the country and the memories are embedded in our minds and forever we will be grateful.

One more thing that I would request to add to this legacy is by rejecting this new gratuity package and sending them home with a big thank you and wishing them luck in forthcoming polls!!!

(Cyrus Kamau is the Managing Director, Capital Group Limited)

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