Young Innovator Proves One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure


Kelvin Doe a boy from Sierra Leone first stepped into the spotlight with a short feature on the popular Youtube Channel THNKR. The feature explored the young man’s story with the promise of the plot of his life becoming the rags to riches many hope for. Kelvin, just fifteen in 2012 had created a radio station from metal scraps and parts found in the dustbin. In the interview, his enthusiasm to learn more and effect change tugged at the heartstrings of however watched the 10-minute feature.



Now 5 years later, Kevin is 20 years; no longer a teenager the young inventor  continues to broaden his impact on his society. At 16, he built a battery to generate power for his people. He is also the founder of the startup tech company K Doe Tech. The young technopreneur has caught the eye of many, appearing on the Forbes list for Africa’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs Under 30.


According to an interview with Forbes Magazine, Kelvin chronicles how and why he built a battery from acid, soda and metals from the bin. “There was a big electricity problem and school kids were suffering not being able to study at night, so I decided to make a battery that would provide electricity to some people. Sometimes, lights would come on once a week and the rest of the month it’s dark.” With a good number of achievements under his belt including speaking on a TEDx stage and many more to come in his future, Kelvin continues to work with the community.  Popularly known as DJ Focus, Kelvin also provides tools, workshops, mentorship, resources and networks, ultimately equipping young people in Sierra Leone with unique opportunities to take their future into their own hands according to a report on Forbes Magazine.




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