Young game developer has over 5 million downloads on Windows store

Abiola Olaniran founder Gamsole

Nigerian app developer and CEO of his own gaming company is making waves by developing apps that are popular across Africa and beyond. So popular that Abiola Olaniran is the highest paid Windows Game Developer in Africa and middle-east.

Abiola has developed 10 games in the last five years including TrafficJam, Candy Smasher, Road blazer, Mega Chicken and Ninja Jump. Abiola’s company, Gamsole, is considered at the forefront of developing games on the Windows platform.

Abiola got interested in gaming apps while still a student at the University. He was selected as one of the Microsoft Student Partners where he was involved in organizing student events and a Microsoft evangelist.

“I participated in the Imagine Cup for two years running. The first year, our team came second in Nigeria, just missing the opportunity to attend the World finals. The following year, I learned to hone my presentation skills and focused on highlighting the key aspects of the app – and we won,” Abiola told technet.

Encouraged by the win, he applied to Yalla Apps – an organization that helps developers publish apps on the Windows store.

juice game

Abiola says he has always been fascinated with games since childhood and his interest with computers continued through to campus where he studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Obafemi Awolowo University.

“I created a game when I was in campus that won a national competition. This gave me the motivation to get into gaming after I was done with my studies.”

Abiola got support from seed fund 88mph after he showed the potential of his gaming apps. 88mph invested in his business and provided space for him in their Nairobi hub. This meant Abiola had to move, but his company continued to grow beyond Africa.

“There is no better time to be a developer in Africa. The market isn’t saturated and it’s full of possibilities. The support and tools that Microsoft has provided for developers, for example, makes it easier for coders to develop apps and publish on their store,” says Abiola.

Abiola envisions Gamsole dominating the gaming industry in Africa and he sees the company helping other game developers build a viable business around their apps.

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