Young entrepreneurs cashing in big making custom school bags


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School doesn’t have to be boring. Neither is a school bag. A group of young entrepreneurs are eking out a living and beating unemployment making customized children’s school bags.

Claire and her team ventured into this bag-making business after realizing they could add some life and excitement into school bags.

“We saw the need to bring some fun into school bags by adding cartoon characters along with the child’s name on the bag,” said Claire.

Claire says the bags come in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of kindergarten, primary, high school and even college students. She reveals that of late, there has been a growing demand for customized traveling bags, laptop bags and ladies handbags.

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“Clients can choose a cartoon character or a design of their choice. Our work is simply to download the images and print them on the back,” she added.

The school bags are first made without any designs and cost Sh1,000. Customizing the bag with a name and cartoon requires an extra Sh300. She reveals that different materials are used to meet the preferences of clients.

“The school bags come in a jeans material or khaki. The handbags are made of kitenge or faux leather,” said Claire.

Claire reveals that it takes up to four working days to complete one bag and clients are expected to make a down payment of Sh400 to 600 depending on the type of bag.

pg 6 custom bags



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